Monday, August 30, 2010

"Positive Parenting with a Plan"

Last year I was talking to a friend of mine from college. She went on after undergrad to attain an MSW, be a licensed social worker, and now is a school counselor. Anyway, I was telling her about a situation I was in and frustrations I was having with a child and she recommended this book: "Positive Parenting with a Plan, Family Rules" by Matthew A Johnson.

So, during the phone call I googled Dr. Johnson and ordered the book. In fact, as my friend was so enthusiastic, I ordered the entire kit.

Silly me.

This is not going to work for our family.

First of all - While I am sure the author would describe himself as confident, I find him egotistical. Second of all - he suggests that if a child will not work with his program the child should be sent to a residential center. I believe he is talking about teenagers but still-
He describes escorting a young man named Carl, forcibly, from his home to a residential center in Western Samoa. Western Samoa? It was necessary to have the child leave the country? And then there is this quote "Also because Jason (dad) and Cathy (mom) sent him away for treatment, Carl claimed abandonment issues related to his adoption {yah think?} Carl knew how to push their guilt buttons." page 22

This is sort of like the teacher's kid or the preacher's kid. I am dying to find out how old this guy's kids are now - his own kids, and when they are about 35 yrs old what they will have thought of his parenting techniques.

Art with Mommy - Still life

set up a till life on the back deck
the 5 year old sketched outlines of shapes, then looked for lights and darks and 'how many colors do you see in that yellow squash?"
her finished piece
the three year old's sketch.  At first I thought it was a face, then I realized it was the squash and tomatoes!  
her finished piece
the 12 year old tried to work on perspective and forshortening.  I explained that since we were working with ver small notebooks that it was more difficult than normal - and oil pastels are not exactly "detail" type medium.  She got a good start
my sketch, am a bit out of practice

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink Saturday - Laughter is the best medicine

So for Pink Saturday Beverly is asking every one to particpate with an upbeat, inspiring story as part of a project:

This week I was hanging laundry on the line and my youngest came out to show me her 'dress up' complete with make-up and beads... and not much else. I ran to get the camera and she hammed it up a bit more-

and so I couldn't resist, when all else fails, put on some eye shadow, grab some beads and go dancing!

It may take a moment to load, and I apologize for that. But I promise, it will make you smile.
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PARTY DATES: August 27-31 Including Pink Saturday & Spiritual Sunday

PLEASE SHARE: AN UPLIFTING STORY, QUOTE, PICTURE OR IDEA--today's party is about celebrating life's small and large miracles!





And, guess what! Pink Saturday was named in the video credits!!! Now, let's do use our pink fellowship to do it again.




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You may use any of these jpegs! attached.

I hope to see you all this Saturday. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me of Kelee.

my paints are calling

My paints are calling to me
they do every fall
and the pencils
and the ink
and the papers and the glue

and then the fabrics start in
I love fabric
art that can be worn

I grew up a gypsie
wearable art is the only kind you can take with you

and yet
there are dishes to wash
laundry, the laundry pile is a painting all its own
layer upon layer
different textures

and food to fix

and today we are off the the bank
the library

Heidi's homegrown and organics to see about tomatos
for canning
and maybe peaches

surely the impressionists had it easy
with nannies
and housekeepers
and wives to do the paper work

are there women
with children
who are creating?

I know there are

so why can't I?

only myself the only obsticle
I know this

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Baby Clothes Boutique Giveaway!

Ladies and Gentlemen - drum roll please!

I was recently contacted by a representative from My Baby Clothes Boutique to inquire as to whether I would be interested in hosting a give away on my blog.  I clicked over to their website and my first reaction was literally "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"  So stinkin' cute I'm thinking I need another baby to dress up!

So, they sent me two hats.  One to fit my 3 yr old and one to fit my 6 year old:

on a rainy week day, while recouperating from an illness, we did a model shoot.  We had fun.  And we love, love, love these hats!

my three year old, pretty in pink!

and my six year old.  can you tell she just loves her hat?

so... are you ready?  My Baby Clothes Boutique is offering one of you a $25.00 gift certificate to the online store!  Here is what you need to do:

Mandatory entry: Visit My Baby Clothes Boutique and tell me your favorite item.
Additional entries: post each as a separate comment.
1.)    Blog about this giveaway and link back here.
2.)    Become a fan of My Baby Clothes Boutique on facebook.
3.)   Join the My Baby Clothes newsletter to find out the latest deals and coupons.
4.)   Tweet the following: My Baby Clothes Boutique $25 gift certificate giveaway
to help you out here are some additional links:

I will keep this contest open until August 28th at midnight.

and with a new Linkup over at Living Beautifully with Connie:
Frou Frou Fridays!

I am linking this cute post with Beverly at Pink Saturday.  This week is an extra special Pink Saturday linkup:

Many of you will remember when Beverly and I co-hosted a comment party for Colette Gauthier who was suffering with cancer. She had moved into a tiny and dismal rental home. You all commented and my foundation Design Gives Back donated a dollar for each comment. Well, as the Inspired Home expert for Guideposts Magazine, I took a crew up to Michigan in the midst of winter to perform a "Miracle Makeover" and create a healing room for her to recover in throughout her treatment. The story is in the September Guideposts Magazine and the Miracle Makeover video     is coming out too. It is deeply inspiring. A must see. And it all started with your comments, thoughts, and prayers!!!! The Pink Saturday bloggers are even in the credits.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farewell to Hogwarts

"Hogwarts" is my oldest's Hognosed snake.  She inherited it in 5th grade when the man who was her 3rd grade teacher took a medical leave of absence.  She also inherited "Big Boy" a male bearded dragon (lizard).

Last week my oldest was away with my in-laws for a week and for the fee of $1.00 a day she left her animals in the care of her brother.  During this time Hogwarts died.  We don't know why.  Her brother reports that on Tuesday the snake was fine and on Thursday it was dead.  So, I put the snake in a bag and put it in the garage freezer until Saturday when my daughter came home.  She buried it yesterday, with a note, the remaining frozen mice, bedding, and I'm not sure what else.  We went to Cooke's Greenhouse for a nice sturdy perennial to plant over it as a marker.  On the way home we stopped at the Carrot Tree and she chose a small chocolate cake to have afterwards.

The kids worked together to dig out a good hole next to where we'd buried the dogs' ashes.

She planted her flowers.

And I read, a bit from Genesis the creation story about day 6 and God saying "it was good" and a bit from Mathew about the  sparrows and the lilies.  I know the bit in Mathew is supposed to to tell people not to worry but it does illustrate that God cares for the birds and the flowers of the field, and so he cares for his creation even our pets.

And then we went inside and had homemade pizza and chocolate cake.

That evening she met her friends up the street at the pool and they came back to the house and finished off the cake.  It was kind of neat and spontaneous and I'm really glad.  She is a social creature at heart and has really pulled inside the last two years and I've been worried about her.  It is always good when she reaches out to her friends.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Berkeley Plantation

Earlier this week I met my friend Susan and we took our children to Berkeley Plantation.  If you travel on Rt 5 from Williamsburg towards Richmond, you'll find it.  I have never been that way.  I'd never been out that far on Rt 5 but off we went and it was a beautiful drive.

Berkeley Plantation is so named as it was first settled by 38 men from Berkeley Parish England, in 1619.  The settlement was destroyed and the land changed hands over time eventually becoming the property of the Harrison family.  Benjamin Harrison the Fourth built a home there in 1726.  Benjamin Harrison the Fourth was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Governor of the new state Virginia.

The house is original to 1726, restored by Malcolm Jamieson and his wife Grace, and the property remains private though the house and gardens are open to the public.

Crepe Myrtles line one of the paths on the grounds

flowers in the maze

the house, built in 1726

for more photos of the grounds (we are requested not to take photos inside. a shame! it is filled with period antiques, many purchased from the neighboring planation) click HERE

I learned a few things about Virginia History at Berkeley as well as US History.  And here is an interesting fact: do you know why colonial houses don't have closets?  I didn't.  Because closets were counted as rooms, and home owners were taxed by number of rooms!

I am linking this post to PINK SATURDAY (remember those pink trees!) 
Pink Saturday is hosted each week by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.  It is a celebration of all things pink and the 'feel goodness' of pink.  We'd love for you to join us.

I would encourage you to also stop by Fabulously French a blog I've only recently visited but enjoyed very much.

Happy Pink Saturday & Thanks for stopping by- CailinMarie

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had an eye appointment this morning - bright and early at 8:15. I scheduled it at this ridiculous hour so the husband could stay with kids and just be a tad late to work... only it is the week before 'go live' and in the SAP world that means 'insanity' so after working past midnight last night he was up and at bright and early this morning. So... I had the babysitter down the road come. And my appointment was finished up by 8:45 and walking out I realized - "I have no kids and no deadline!" No doubt in a Sex and the City type episode that would have meant coffee out and boutique shopping. Alas I live in the minivan world and a morning without kids meant the grocery store, school supply shopping at Target, a visit to the bank to see what my balance is (bad news there. bummer.) and to Barnes and Noble to spend the gift certificate Lydia's mommy gave me at the end of preschool in May. Yes, I've been hoarding it so I could go into the store BY MYSELF and purchase FOR ME! I had resigned myself to buying a copy of Middlesex because my book club is reading it and the wait at the library is too long but they didn't have a copy in and my Amazon links shows a copy for $10. (Barnes and Noble's was $20) So instead I bought:
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest YAY!!!  You may remember I loved, loved, loved, Stiefg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl who Played with Fire" and I've been salvating waiting for this book.  And now I have it.  Hooray!

And I bought "Artemisia" by Alexandra Lapierre.  I saw it while I was looking for  Larsson on the rack and it caught my eye.
I studied Artemisia Gentileschi at Mount Holyoke. We had a visiting professor who offered a course specifically on her work. Infact, Amazon returned this book by Mary D. Garrard, which we used in the class, when I first ran the name Artemisia. Artemisia is a fascinating artist and I am excited about the to read Ms. Lapierre's book because at first glance she seems someone very interested in art and art history and so this should be very rich. I am torn between discipling myself to finish off the books I have started or just piling the up someplace, ordering the kids pizza for dinner and holing myself up in a corner. I'm really excited!

Thank you Lydia's Mom!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Go Green Contest- its kinda cool

My husband is a founding partner at DataXstream LLC. They are computer geeks. As part of their 'virtualization' marketing campaign the interns developed a 'go green' contest. They put a lot of work into it and it looks really good:

here are the prizes listed:

“Biggest Impact” Grand Prize: The winner will choose from our approved list of environmental organizations (listed on web site) and a donation will be made to it in your name.

Winner will also receive a DataXstream prize pack

Other top entries will receive a DataXstream prize pack

Here is how to get involved:

Rules & Regulations

The contest will begin on 8/4/2010 and will run through 10/11/2010

Submission Process
What does each submission need?
 Name
 City and State
 Organization or Group Affiliation (if any)
 The environmental improvement action
 Any pictures or video clips documenting your submission
 Participant to “Like” the DataXstream Facebook Page and/or
“Follow” DataXstream on Twitter*

*Not required to submit, but required for submission to become eligible to win the contest

Where do I submit?
 Via wall post on the DataXstream Facebook Page
 Reply, Direct Message or include campaign hash tag on Twitter:
 Twitter Hash tag: #leaveyourmark
 Email:

How many times can I submit an entry?
 Participants may make as many submissions as they want as long
as each submission is a new environmental improvement action

Participants must live in the United States
for a complete list of entry rules and voting rules please visit

15 years, Me & Tim

This week we celebrated our 15th Anniversary.  Started the day off in Eitelbach fashion with waffles and ice cream and freshly picked blueberries from Busch Neck Farms... and finished with dinner at The Trellis.  The Trellis is a landmark in the Williamsburg area.  It was sold last year and reopened this year by new owner Chef David Everett.  Chef Everett ran the kitchen in Ford's Colony's dinning room 15 years ago where we had our reception - so it was kinda neat.  Dinner was beyond description - YUM!  I had lamb, which now has me craving the sausage from Stewart's Scottish Market in Kearny that Tim's Grandma used to buy.  Gosh, miss that.

Anyway - we had a great day, a fabulous dinner.  It was fun.  Both of us were just into having a night out, everybody at the restaurant kept saying, "I understand it is your Anniversary?  Well Happy Anniversary."  We keep a 'year book' I bring it out every year and we write down all the good things that happened that year, and any not so good ones, and family goals, individual goals, and so on.  We reread what we've written before.  It is fun to see what our goals were ten years ago.  We tend to laugh at ourselves a lot when we do this!

This is us, 15 years ago on Richmond Road.  We were married at the Virginia Marriage Commisioner's House and then had a church wedding & reception in January 1996.  You can't tell in the photo, my skirt is covered in pink flowers.

I am linking to Beverly's Pink Saturday fun at How Sweet the Sound
Beverly says:
"Pink Saturday is about all things good that are pink.  And, there is a lot of pink in our worlds.  I don't have any rules, just that you post something in good taste - and that you post something pink.  Pink is a color that has come to represent many important things - like our common interest in breast cancer research.  (In fact, one of our participants is being treated for breast cancer right now.)"

Beverly encourages participants to introduce their readers to other Pink Bloggers.  I am not the best at doing this everyweek - but I'd like to mention Fifi Flowers today.  She is an artis & I ordered on of her prints recently.  She keeps a lovely blog full of pretty imagery.