Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday - front yard work

It has been sometime since I linked up with Outdoor Wednesday and a Southern Day dreamer... Shall have to see if they are still having their Wednesday linkup!

But I wanted to show off-

There are these shrubs that every building contractor in the area seems to plant next to a new foundation.  And they are happy there.  And they are so dang happy they send their little roots all over and have shoots popping up every place and you have to keep after 'em or they take over.  I do not like them.

see, it just looks like a mess right?

So last year I pulled out a few and dropped in a nice holly variety there on the end.

That tall dark green holly variety should get as tall as 10 feet or even a little more, and bush out nicely.  Right now it is closing in near 5 feet tall.  And sort of blurry there to the right behind it is a varigated holly that is much slower growing, and should also make 10 to 15 feet so at some point I'll have a nice "corner" there at the end of the house.

And then two weeks ago I got a little hair up my nose and decided to go after the rest...

I finished today...
cleaned it all out

behind the bench are three holly's about 3 feet tall, that will get to 5 feet within 2 years and grow together in a nice ever green hedge.  It is raining cats and dogs right now so I'm hoping they will settle in nicely.

and added in some mums and tried to freshen up what pots I could - the summer was long, hot and dry, dry, dry so the pots are fairly spent.  Because of how the sun hits the house I had them in the front this year.  We brought in over 20 cucumbers but only 2 tomatoes.  2!  At the moment there are some 20 little green ones on one of the tomatoe plants so I have my fingers crossed they'll ripen and I'll get them before the deer and squirrels.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Ball

Dragon was awarded game ball at his baseball game this weekend - He hit a nice strong hit into the outfield and in made a great play as second baseman -
all in the last inning of his game
He is playing "kid pitch" this fall, a big switch from "machine pitch" and he's been a bit frustrated with not being able to hit.  This is his first hit all season.  But he is feeling good now so we'll see how the next few games go!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Pink Saturday brings "The Good Health Fairy"

Breast cancer survivor and Beyond Boobs Co-founder Rene Bowditch, who's also known as The Good Health Fairy

I just LOVE this lady's audacity! She is Rene Bowditch, Beyond Boobs CoFounder and "The Good Health Fairy" and she is passionate! Passionate! Passionate! I think she is wicked cool-
From an interview with the Daily Press:

Q: How did you become the Good Health Fairy?
A: A close friend of mine told me her husband's cancer treatment was making him "down," so I thought taking him a bouquet of balloons would cheer him up. On my way out, I passed by my young daughter's dress-up box and came up with a long, hot-pink prom dress with matching shoes, lavender feather boa, gold sequined crown, glitzy earrings and a wand. This outlandish outfit on a grown woman, along with balloons, got him laughing. Afterward, the fairy visited more sick friends. That's also when she traded in her fancy high heels for pink-and-white, high-topped tennis shoes with hot pink socks to emphasize the importance of exercise for good health. Later, she started getting invitations to appear at events such as the Senior Citizen Health Fair, Women's Imaging Center's annual Breast Cancer Retreat, many other places and community meetings. She is what I call a "God-thing" in that I don't think I'm the one who created her. She really is my "ministry" so where she goes from here is, thankfully, not in my hands. She loves invitations and loves to go where she's needed.
Daily Press

For more about Beyond Boobs, a breast cancer awareness and support group please click HERE

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Friday, September 24, 2010


Bitsy was playing with the iphone at the field hockey game - I love this one

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tweenager Moments

So it begins...
apparently I am not the only one feeling childish lately -

this morning was a bit late - I was trying to get some job postings out there for work and ran over into my 'get the kids up and moving time' bad idea jeans...

As she is packing up my 7th grader looks at me and says "oh mom, I don't know where my soccer uniform is"
"Well, I brought it to the field hockey game last night, with your field hockey uniform, so we could go to soccer practice after" I remind her.
Only we hadn't gone to practice after so it should still be in her bag.
"I know.  But I don't know where it is."
that said with attitude.

Umm excuse me?  It isn't MY uniform.  And she forgot her field hockey uniform yesterday and I busted butt to get it to the game so she could play and now she is pulling attitude?!?  Don't mess with me chick-
I go back to the kitchen and finish packing lunches but I'm fairly irritated.  Going to have to think about how to handle this snippiness.

what if I don't want to?

You know there are so many times as an adult when I feel like allowing my inner child some room for a temper tantrum.  I want to slam my foot down and say "NO! AND YOU CAN"T MAKE ME!"

I really need to remind myself of this as my own children do the same to me.

I am approaching the first anniversay of a particularly difficult time.  As I approach it I find myself feeling more and more childish and rebellious.  Feelings that seem to me to come from anger although I know that it is said that anger stems from fear.  Similarly Dragon has been fighting as if for his very life.  He has - THANK GOD!-  stopped asking when he will be sold but he remains insecure.

I find myself collecting stories of adoptions that have gone well.  There are so very many stories of ones that have gone poorly and there is an endless supply of stories to illustrate what "Should not be done" and yet so very few that seem to show "what to do."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beyond Boobs Gala

Last Night I sort of last minute - spur of the moment - seat of my pants - went to the Beyond Boobs Gala at Walsingham Academy in Williamsburg.
My friend had facebooked me: "I am driving the van and have room for one more - want to go?"
and after a day that included; baseball for Dragon, soccer for Tiger and an Hawaiian themed Birthday Party for M-Lyons I double checked with the husband and took off with the girls.
Beyond Boobs is really way too cool.

Basic facts:

find them at

A Williamsburg, Virginia based non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives by encouraging breast health action in women of all ages and nurturing young women diagnosed with breast cancer. (a very legal sounding defenition)

less formally: We are a group of young breast cancer survivors who are using our personal experiences to help women (and men) understand the importance of taking charge of their breast health.

The dress code at the Gala was Denim to Diamonds and our little group interpreted this to mean, Denim and Diamonds and we all showed up in jeans and bling.  We were fabulous.  We bought raffle tickets - I won a 30 minute performance by the Fife and Drum core of Williamsburg (woot! I have plans for this!)
and we all want the pink scooter - too cute!

But here is a little something that I would love for us to help them out with -
these girls take on this topic with a fabulous sense of humor - they encourage each other to live each moment in joy - and they are so amazing.  SO AMAZING.  So they put together a little youtube video called "Stayin' Alive" or some such thing and the good health fairy (Co founder Mary Beth Gibson is the good health fairy who wears wings, and a pink boa and uses humor to get people to talk about basic breast health)

okay - so the video
the Good Health Fairy begins the video by telling a group of young girls "if you are old enough to have them you are old enough to check them"
2 of the 3 BeeGees have given their permission for the Beyond Boobs girls to use the music - but I believe it is Barry who will not give his.
I believe in the power of humor and a good message and I believe in the power of social media.  I would ask you, post a quick post asking that all the BeeGee's give their permission to the Beyond Boobs girls to use the Stayin' Alive music to share information about breast health especially for younger women.  I would ask you.  Tweet about it.  I would ask you, friend Beyond Boobs on facebook.  Because I think Barry is making a mistake.  And it is a cute and well done video, and these girls deserve all the support that they request.  The message in regards to youth is super important to these women, two of their members featured in the calender were diagnosed under the age of 30 -

Friday, September 17, 2010

Calm - who me?

people keep telling me how calm I am.



I think my kids might disagree.

I am used to being described as "intense" not so much "calm."
So I think it is kind of crazy that so many people have used that adjective to tell me about myself lately.  hmmm...

Today Bitsy needed to bring in a family photo.  I brought in one of all of us on her first birthday - all the kids were decked out in Han Bok.  It is a great colorful photo.  I tried to get Amazon to give me an image of HanBok to show you - I'll have to dig around.  They are said (I am NOT an expert) that the HanBok originally came to Korea when a Korean prince married a Mongolian Princess and she wore one to her wedding.  They are really wonderful.

So anyway, Bitsy brought in this photo.  Her teacher's sister in law is Korean so the teacher knows what they are and we were talking about Bitsy's one year old birthday and another mom heard us.  And that triggered a jump to a very silly story.

In "The Lump of Coal" the Coal's goal is to be used in Korean BBQ.  And so when this mom came to pick up her son from preschool she brought the book.  Which I read to the kids while they were eating oreos and drinking chocolate milk (no lie.  like unheard of sugar snack in my house but true.)  It is an odd, funny, little book.  I rather enjoyed it.  I think the kids did too.

And now it is time to go get my field hockey player from practice at the middle school...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So - back to school has me in a tizzy.  Field Hockey try outs, IEP meetings, soccer practice, baseball games, I can't quite keep up.  And so I am a bit late with this - and I apologize.

now to September 26th
for example, Christian Dior EyeGlasses 
there are also Dior Sunglasses on sale

BOOTS: (I love boots! and they are so everywhere this year)
so I could spend all day window shopping - but I wanted to let you know - if you are shopping for Fall or early Christmas shopping; check out the Amazon Fall Blowout!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Pink - for Peace

This Pink Saturday I offer you a pink lily - for peace.

I remember exactly where I was on 9/11.  My husband was in the air that morning on a flight.  Lucky for me, he wasn't flying out of NY and he wasn't headed toward the Capitol.  I remember how many of his friends and associates were in the air that morning.

Earlier that year, my husband and I had visisted Oklahoma City.  We had visited the memorial in Oklahoma City as well as the Firefighters Museum.  At the Fire fighters Museum there is a monument to those who have lost their lives fighting fires, a sculpture depicting a failing building and one fire fighter attempting to help another one out.  I remember standing in front of it crying while my 3 year old stared at me wondering what was wrong.

I am shocked and dismayed at the rumors of Quran burnings this weekend.  By a pastor no less.  I was shocked to see a bumper sticker on a car in my home town a few weeks ago with the message "Every thing  I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11/01."


How quickly we forget that in every mainstream group of every kind there are small pockets of radicals. Surely we can recognize the difference between true Islam and radical terrorists?  Surely Christians remember that there are other Christians putting bombs in abortion clinics in the United States?

A friend of mine in college had a political cartoon on her dorm room door that said "All God's Children Have Guns" and depicted a person from each predominant religion on his knees in prayer with an M-16 thrown over his shoulder.

So this day, the day after my friends finish celebrating Rosh Hashana, leaving the past behind and celebrating a New Year, I pray for peace for us all.  We are after all, all God's Children.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School & New Winner for Baby Clothes Boutique

It's the first day of school here -

We made all our bus times (buses were LATE)

and every body was sent off well, though my Kindergartener was unusually quiet and couldn't eat her breakfast.  It is noon now and they have a full first day and I am ready to go get her and bring her home...

My oldest has field hockey try outs immediately after school-
she's got a stick over her shoulder but she forgot her mouth guard so Bits and I will run it to the school in a little bit-

As far as the "My Baby Clothes Boutique" contest goes - I never did hear from Colleen (too bad!) sooo....
the new winner is... Clueless Mama - so thanks to my 3 yr old for both modeling so well and for picking a name out of the bowl for me.  And Clueless Mama - come claim your prize!  I really just need an email address to pass along to my contact at "My Baby Clothes Boutique" and she'll take it from there.  I was just visiting My Baby Clothes Boutique and they have an affiliate program - so of course I applied and perhaps you'll be seeing their banners round a bit more.  Would love love love to dress the youngest in their pretty clothes!

Thanks again to everybody who participated in the contest-


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We have a Winner-

Hey all - I posted two Saturdays ago about a give away that "My Baby Clothes Boutique" was sponsoring - $25 gift certificate and as just about any mommy or grandma or nana or auntie will tell you, shopping for baby clothes is so fun but so epensive so every gift certificate matters!!!

My Baby Clothes Boutique has darling - darling things and my girls just love their hats - so we are delighted to tell you that Colleen's comment was the winning comment.  Colleen, I clicked to your profile and did not see a contact listed.  Please, please, email me at or leave me a comment so that I can get your contact information and most important your email to send to My Baby Clothes Boutique so they can ararnge to get your gift certificate to you.

If I do not hear from Colleen by Sept 4th I will announce a second winner.

Thanks to each of you for checking out their cute site and leaving a comment on my post!

If you missed it but enjoy baby clothes please stop by My Baby Clothes Boutique and have a look at all their cute things!