Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Saturday!

The husband left at 4:30 AM with kids 1,2, and 3.  Ski Team practice begins at 7:45 AM and we live about 2.5 hours away - give or take.  He gives himself time for the unexpected - whatever - and time to park, gear up, and purchase lift passes.  All the bustling woke me up.  Sigh.
Then Bitsy had a Birthday Party to attend at 10 AM so I had the girls up and dressed and at Target at 9:30 to purchase our gift- my car said it was 21 degrees out!  UGH!

Dropped Bitsy off- around the corner is the Carrot Tree. {AWESOME, AWESOME place to eat.}  I look at M-Lyons and say, "We have to pick up Bitsy in an hour and a half.  Lets get a snack."  M-Lyons looks at me funny, it is 10 AM and we ate not too long ago.  We stop at the Carrot Tree.
"Mom, what's the Carrot Tree?"
I get a coffee and a spinach quiche, she gets a milk and a chocolate cupcake.
Now - the Carrot Tree is a bakery at heart.  A real bakery.  Everything is cooked from scratch.  Everything is to die for.  AMAZING!
So my 6 year old and I have a charming little date- I catch up on her best friend, her kindergarten class, the kids on the bus and so on.  She sits in my lap.  She browses around.  We notice the baby chocolate cakes are on sale-

we decide we need one.

Last week at Wintergreen she took on a challenging bit of hill and was doing really well and caught an edge- poles went flying and she ended up spinning around with her legs all twisted up.  She wasn't hurt and she recovered like a trooper but we have this tradition- a good fall means you get "Falling Down Cake" and we didn't get cake last weekend.  She knows we owe her a good piece of cake - so we agree to wait till Daddy and the kids come home tomorrow and have falling down cake together.

We fetch Bitsy- and her treat bag.  Bitsy sits in the car and eats her treats and shares nicely with her sister (who just had a chocolate cupcake but never mind).  Bitsy's best friend at Preschool Beth recently cut her own hair- her mother took her to the hair dresser to fix it and now Beth has bangs.  Bitsy wants Bangs.  So we go trotting around to find a walk-in.  Super Cuts takes us.  Bitsy gets her hair cut in a nice little wedge with a stacked back.  Super cute!!!

Belk's is across the parking lot.  I want to see if they have long sleeved shirts for Bitsy marked down.  She is in between my hand-me-down sizes from her sister and needs just a few cold weather basics.  They do - shirts that were $10, marked down to $4.99 and then 50% off that!  FABULOUS!

Once home - I'm working on my skirt project that was supposed to be pants but that is another blog post.  I find that I'm nearly done but need elastic.  Off to Hancock fabrics we go- and there we make up for all my saving at Belk's.  Really I should not go near fabric stores!!!  In addition to stuff I don't need- cute corduroy marked down, upholstery fabric for couch pillows marked down to $4 a yard (good designer quality stuff here!) I end up with decorative felties for Valentines day.

We arrive home - clear the table and the three of us make a lovely pink and red mess.

Girls are off to bed and I am going to go finish that skirt!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning! Thank you for coming by to leave a comment on my post yesterday! I post every Friday night, no matter what, but this past Friday night, I was feeling so empty! Too much stress, to many things on my mind, and yet, I was able to muster something up, and I thank you for commenting. You look so young to have FIVE children! AND two labs? YIKES! They are my favorite dog, and require much love! KUDOS to you for juggling it all! I am a French teacher and I have 50 students to manage but I have nothing to complain is good. I love how your enjoy the simple every day things of life; that is what makes me happy. Do come back again! Anita

Babbs said...

Now THAT sounds like a wonderful day!!! :)

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! What a wonderful day and also a full life you have!! I am adopted and so appreciate your words! Blessings to all!

Olivia said...

Hello sweet friend thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! Your family sounds just darling and oh fresh bakery! Yum Yum!

JJ said...

CailinMarie: You sound just like a mom! Enjoy. Anita is right. Life is good.

Farmchick said...

This sounds like a perfect day to me. And that date at the Carrot Tree makes me want to go there.

Sherrie said...

Any day you spend with your children, actually listening to them and following their lead, is a good day. My little one is 22 but she is still my little one and I don't regret a day spent doing the same. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by to visit.

FoxyMoron said...

I LOVE posts like this, just about the stuff that you did. Would love to see that haircut, I bet it's spiffy.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a lovely day with your ladies! I had a fab weekend with my lil' dude too!