Saturday, April 2, 2011

Professional Football Academy - Euro Trip 2011

It is March 30th

Today I took my 12 year old to the parking lot of a shopping center, gave her a kiss, put her on a tour bus and cried as the bus pulled out of the parking lot.

She is headed to Amsterdam with her soccer team and Jeff Dominguez of the Professional Football Academy.

The itinerary is actually really really cool-
They fly into Amsterdam, take a bus into Germany to Cloppenburg where they will be staying.  They'll train (soccer) tomorrow afternoon, take a bus to Bremen, check out Bremen, it looks like the boys play a friendly, watch the BVC vs Drochtersen and walk out with the teams...
every day there is training and the opportunity to see another city - they play a bunch of friendly matches against various German teams-

I'm so excited that she gets to go and I'm going crazy that she is so far away!!!  I know.  Typical mom.  But cut me some slack - she's only 12.  I have had other mothers tell me I'm crazy for letting her go - but it is a well planned trip.  Germany is an awesome country.  There are 4 staff members going plus several parents so I think the adult to kid ratio is pretty good - and my daughter is a really good kid.

And of course I'm freaking out.  Because she is far away - because she isn't a player on the team she is a trainee, and not all the kids are going so she is likely to play in the matches and she is not at the same level as the other kids and its obvious - and that is embarrassing for her and possibly an issue for the other girls.

And right now they are in the air and wow its driving me nuts that I can't call her!

Anyway - because I am a nut I won't post this until later when I've heard from her -
and hopefully she'll bring home photos I can share!

Thursday March 31st-
Yay!  She texted this morning!  The flight went without incident, the bus ride was uneventful, and she is off to the field for soccer practice.


Farmchick said...

Kudos to you for letting her go. An excellent life experience for her. TRULY! Though, I have to say I would have wanted to be a parent chaperone so I could experience it as well!!!!

Kat said...

Hello ... my name is Kat Brenneman and I am a professional player in Cloppenburg, Germany (transfer from the US, California). I came out and trained the girls team one of the days they were here. Is your daughter Kathleen?? I also hung out with them a bit...watched their game and had a dinner with them. It seemed as though everyone had a blast!

Just wanted to say hi and thought it was great to read about letting your child go on a trip like this. What an amazing experience you allowed her. She will have this forever!

:) Kat

CailinMarie said...

Hello Kat! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment! I love that the girls had some time to meet and hang out with professionals like yourself. The opportunity to do so really opened up their eyes to the world of professional soccer. I hope you are enjoying your time in Cloppenburg. I lived in Germany in the 1980s when I was in Jr. High, down in the Eiffel region. It was one of my favorite places.

Kat said...

Very cool!!!

I keep a blog if she is interested in following...