Wednesday, August 31, 2011

THE Diet

Last week while we were at the beach CNN had an article about a "no heart attack" diet.  My husband read it and then read some of the articles related to it.  And then he ordered Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr's book: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (to do that he had to order a Kindle app for his iPad) and then he proceded to read his book for two days straight while I kept people from drowning at the beach.

Three things you need to know:
1.) My husband only reads the news and for work.  He is not a reader.
2.) I grew up eating mostly veggies, my husband is a meat eater.  Not just a meat eater but a sausage, heavy fat meat eater.  It works fine for him, he has an incredibly high metabolism.
3.) My husband is not at risk for heart disease.  Nobody in his family has had a heart attack.

And in the middle of all this reading my husband cold turkey decided to try this diet for 3 months and see what happens.  In addition to not eating meat, chicken or fish, you don't eat olive oil (!) or nuts.  That is where I'm finding the challenge.  No olive oil?  Really?  HELP!

What are we eating?  Oatmeal for breakfast, and in the book there is a recipe for Sloppy Joe style lentils that I made one night and everybody liked it, we had it over white rice.  We are also eating a lot of black beans.  Last night I made a wheat berry and lentil stew, it was good.

The challenge for my husband has been learning to eat when he is hungry and eating more often.  He lost 7 lbs the first week because he has that high metabolism and he wasn't eating frequently enough.  I think that kind of freaked him out.  (He can afford to loose a few pounds but he is not particularly heavy)
I on the other hand am over weight.  The scale is moving very slowly for me, but I am hoping in the end I will be closer to where I once was.  I have never quiet gotten used to my post pregnancy self, but that is another post all together.

I am particularly proud of the kids.
The kids are not vegan.  They still have milk in their cheerios and I make their whole grain pancakes with eggs in them.  But they are eating vegan dinners.  I decided that I'd alternate nights, one night the vegan dinner is for everybody and one night it is for myself and Tim and its a side dish for the kids.  The kids have been told that since I think Salami is disgusting and daddy isn't buying it anymore they probably won't be eating it at home anymore.  Ditto for Canadian Bacon, American Cheese, and various other things that are in the house because he wanted them in the house.  They have accepted it all without a hint of protest.

Oh, and I haven't quite stopped putting 2% milk in my coffee.  We are trying almond milk but it isn't the same...

His son wrote a book as well. It looks interesting. Apparently the son is a fire fighter and challenged the others in the fire house to give the diet a go.

This change does find me in the kitchen a lot. Trying out new things, and doing an awful lot of chopping, dicing and sautéing without oil. Which is just a little bit much, I came back from the beach brimming with creativity and I want to be playing with fabrics and paints...

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FoxyMoron said...

This is really interesting, I look forward to seeing how you go on this new way of eating.