Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here we go again...

It is back to school week - I've been to the presentation at the preschool and the middle school and tonight I go to the elementary school where I will not be able to get to all of the right classrooms because I have three kids attending that school and the people who plan only plan for two.  Ah well-

But on my mind is another child.  Bitsy the preschooler will attend Kindergarten next year.  And I want to have her tested for a learning disability.  Bitsy, it seems to me, has an Auditory issue.  She can't follow directions, when playing alone she still speaks in garbled nonsense baby talk, and she can't  repeat back when I ask her to.

In previous posts I have expressed my feelings about working with the James City County School System to get my older two children tested for learning disabilities.  And now I'm about to enter that ring again.  I recently found this article:

Williamsburg-James City County Asserting The Unspeakable

excerpt: The state performance plan for special education by the Virginia Department of Education has shown the Williamsburg-James City County school division has failed to meet state targets in several areas. Recent interaction between the community and school leadership regarding special education has been tense at times. Many parents of children within the school division are expressing frustration and concern about the difficulties involved in establishing eligibility and requesting services for special needs. The most recent developments regarding special education in the division are compelling and provocative.

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My feelings exactly

The thing is, in my experience, once you get past the test and setting up the IEP the school system does a great job working with the child, it is getting tested.  I am sure it is a money thing and I do get that.  We (as a nation, as a state, and as a county) are out of money, but this is my daughter and I will fight tooth and nail to get her the help she needs to succeed.  

After all, my oldest is on track to return to the community ten fold what was invested in her education.

okay, I have to modify this.  I was just at Open House at James River Elementary School and mentioned to Ms Thompson that I was concerned about my daughter.  I told her that my daughter was too old for CDR and she just said, well I haven't done preschool in a while so I'll have to check into it.  And I said, oh when they told me that I had to go through the Elementary School I said, Oh Mindy will love that.  She laughed and said we'd figure it out.


Riet said...

That is so interesting. I am not sure I understand everything but I can see there is a lot to fight for in your life.

Kristin said...

It must be so maddening to have to fight like that. I hope you are able to get her the help she needs!!