Sunday, September 25, 2011

sharpie, wooden floors & a two year old

Yes; the two year old got his hands on a sharpie and decorated the wooden floors.
(actually it is surprising this hasn't happened more often as the husband is not so good at putting things away *okay, I'm not either, but its my blog so I get to blame who I want*)

just one little spot of almost 5 feet worth of graffiti

The crazy thing is my husband and I were in the kitchen, cleaning up after a party, and watching "Forks over Knives" and I turned around and "O.M.G." The husband says "what?" turns around and starts to freak out "this will not come out!  This will NOT come out.  Cailin, this will not come out"


I grab said two year old who is also in the kitchen but no longer has the offending sharpie and say, "it is bed time" which it was.  No punishment here, more like, let me move you to a safe distance away from your father.

And then I run to google "permanent marker, wooden floor" and see several suggestions one of which is Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.  Now I am one of those over indulged women who has "cleaning people" and they are very good.  They come every Thursday and I'm sure I pay more than any other woman in this town but they detail- and they love Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers.  And so I have bought some.

seriously rock, get some

no I'm not getting paid for this.  And nobody is sending me free Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, although if they do I'd be grateful.  Think of it as a public service announcement, if you have toddlers, or someone visits you with toddlers, and they inadvertently leave their artwork in a less than optimal location, try some Mr. Clean.  I'm a fan.

he's thinking, I'm gonna kill this kid
I'm thinking, is there anything sexier than my husband cleaning house? 

Husband and I got to work.  Little man had decorated the hall, and the kitchen, and by the kitchen table, he is a prolific artist.  Almost an hour later - we had a clean floor.  Ta-da!

little artist all tuckered out after the party

Yep, that is an iPad on his head.  I think he was trying to figure out how to watch his little Tayo video but all the iPads and iPhones are password protected in my house because they are too darn easy to use and the little ones love them.


Farmchick said...

I love those erasers! Love that pic of the tuckered out little one.

FoxyMoron said...

He is gorgeous how could anyone be angry with him? ;)
My oldest scribbled in artline pen on a wall painted with that porous horrible paint, no amount of scrubbing would get it off, it had to be repainted. Floors a bit harder to paint though.

delia hornbook said...

O My goodness i think i would have been in tears. But i am so pleased you managed to get it all off ;-)) dee x