Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bentley Manor Inn, Williamsburg

Williamsburg has a selection of charming bed & breakfast inns.  I love that Rte 60 and Jamestown Rd are generously dotted with them.  The colonial style buildings with cottage gardens add a charm and a certain quaintness to this ever evolving town.

On Monday Bitsy takes ballet and I was out walking in the area while she was in class and came upon Bentley Manor Inn.  It is tucked into a bit of a neighborhood, just off of Rte 60 but not actually on the road, so it is quieter.  And yet it backs right up to college property, so if a guest was visiting a student, or attending a football or basketball game they'd be in close proximity.

And they had the front door open, with just the glass door keeping the cold out, and the little light on just inside.  Isn't it inviting?

I found myself charmed and went off to look them up.  Bentley Manor Inn  (click on that link there to get to the home page) On the web site they have photos of all the rooms, as well as rates of course, and there is even a link for last minute rate deals.  If I were a William & Mary Alum looking to visit Williamsburg and catch a football game, I'd check this place out.  I'm currently trying to come up with an excuse for why I need to stay here for an overnight.  Can you here the wheels turning in my head?  I'd love to for my Anniversary, but that is during ski season and my love with have our young ones up at Wintergreen.  I'm sure I'll think of something.

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Love Of Quilts said...

Williamsburg is one of thoses places I have always wanted to visit. I am going to see this Manor Inn. Thanks Trish

FoxyMoron said...

Ha, I rushed off and googled it before I finished reading your post (and your link). It's lovely, hope you come up with an excuse. ;)