Thursday, October 27, 2011

Berkeley Bulldogs Field Hockey - W00T

Go Bulldogs!

I am so impressed!  My oldest, K, has had a great season with the Berkeley Bulldogs this fall.  She had fun last year too, but this year has been a whole 'bother ball game.  This year the team is being coached by Quan Nim.  Quan used to coach at William & Mary and she is a cofounder of Focus Field Hockey, which is an independent group of Field Hockey Players.  Quan has taken our girls very far in such a short time.

It was announced last week that they had made it to districts and last night we had the team over for their "pre game dinner" - crazy fun!

front door
Bitsy and MLyons getting their Bulldog on!

I cheated of course.  We ordered dinner from a local restaurant, Maurizio's.  Lasagna for the team, and spaghetti with "no meat" for us.  Plus dinner rolls and salad and I baked Engine 2 Diet brownies.  Oh to die for!

The girls had a blast, they pretty much demolished dinner and then disappeared into the basement to play rock band until nearly 8 o'clock.  By the time they'd all gone to bed last night they had posted tons of photos to Facebook, emailed or Facebooked me to say "Thank You" - very sweet. They were a blast to have over.

Today we played Page Middle School - which is all very confusing because Page Middle School was destroyed by a tornado (I think) and so they are sort of doubling up over at Peasley Middle School.  But I found it and got to watch a little bit of the first half and then 10 minutes of the second and then they called the game.  It was 7-0 Page and it was over.

I've never seen such a wildly happy bunch of girls after loosing a game.  They were cheering and they grabbed the assistant coach to throw Gatorade on her (I think she grabbed the cooler at the last second and dumped it on the goalie!)  and normally they all disperse after the game but today they all wanted to ride the bus back to their school together and they were ROWDY!

Awesome Season!

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How wonderful! I love your house too btw.