Monday, October 10, 2011

catching up, catching my breath

This post is for M - who won't read it because she's too busy and one day she'll do a Cailin's blog catch up (and just how cool is it that she does that? and then she tells me?!) but it won't be till Christmas and there will be way to much to catch up with by then


This weekend was great.  We had sun and decently warm weather.  I was able to drive up to the soccer tournament in Richmond without incident, I took Bitsy and little Hawk as Tim had "work around the house" {note, when dad's watch soccer they do that, watch soccer.  When mum's watch soccer they show up with the entire brood, drinks, snacks, diapers, toys, etc.  Its a full Bedouin expedition.}
Tiger's game was at 9 which meant we were there by 8:30 - AM.  Tiger's first half was awesome, the kid can run, and as he plays midfield he does a lot of running.  He had some wonderful break aways up the side and I was very proud.  His second 1/2 was alright but not stellar.  Then we had a long break and a game at 3:30.  The team caught lunch together at a pizza joint- coach came along which should have been nice but it was a little odd.  He tends to keep his distance from the parents, I don't know if he is just a quiet guy or if over the years he has found that is a better way to handle things.  I could imagine that getting friendly with parents and then cutting their son at the next tryout could be a little dicey.  I had a caesar salad and fully enjoyed the "cheat" - oil based salad dressing - I couldn't shove it in my mouth fast enough!

Our second game was better.  The boys were hot, and on their game.  It was fun to watch them play together as a team and work the ball.  The boys have learned in previous tournaments that number of goals can be a deciding factor so they won, 7 to 1.  I felt sorry for the other goalie, but as I've said, they've learned to show no mercy.

Sunday, we were back up bright and early.  We'd made it to second place and had to play at 8:30 AM which meant arrival at the field at 7:45.  GOOD GRIEF!

The game was something else.  Their coach was something else, and they had this red headed kid on the team that was insane and our side was ready to start a betting pool, which one would have a heart attack first.  The coach never shut up and he never said anything useful "get rid of it" "out" and "please play soccer" are prime examples of what he was yelling from the side.  Oh and then there was some poor kid named Michael "run Michael" "Michael why are you walking?" "Michael now you are moping" - RF's dad on our side was ready to adopt Michael and take him home.  He kept muttering "again with the Michael, leave Michael alone!"  I wish we could say we won.  But they got a lucky goal in the last 2 minutes of the game and beat us 2 to 1.  Our boys played great, they played better than great, they played their hearts out.  It was a tough game.  From the get go the ref let them know he wasn't calling fouls unless they were really obvious, two boys coming in fast shoulder to shoulder and one goes flying "play on."  Tiger does just fine under those conditions.  He is my son after all.

But he took the cake when we were walking to the car after the game and he said, "um mom?  I think somebody bit me"

WHAT?  There is no biting is soccer.  He showed me his arm.  It does look like a bite.

Who?  He grinned, "I don't know.  I went for the ball and the other guy fell and then I felt my arm hurt and looked down and it was a kid in black but we were still tied and I had the ball so I wasn't going to worry about it.  It kind of hurts though."

And then about 30 minutes later, "mom, it hurts a lot."

So... we washed it out really good with peroxide just in case, you know, like if the kid has rabies or something.

And yes M, I know, I said I'd send the email and get the girls together but here is the thing:

I've become a car mom. really.  I mean I have had a minivan ever since Isabel crushed my volvo (I loved my volvo) but now I live in it.
at 8 AM the big kids get on the bus, at 9 AM I drop off Bitsy at school, on Mondays & Wednesdays I drive Little Hawk on over to his playgroup, we are back in the car to pick up Bitsy at noon, and then there is ballet at 1:30 on Mondays and on Tuesdays we drive to gymnastics at 1, and on Mondays and Wednesdays we drive to the field hockey game at 4:30 (but today we get a break) and then Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays we drive Tiger to soccer at 5:30 and on Mondays we take Dragon to TaeKwonDo at 6, Wednesdays and Fridays I have someone to drive Tiger & Dragon to Taekwondo so its an easy night.  But Thursday is solid too - because M has ballet at 4:30.  block it out.  I live in the car.
Try eating vegan on this timeline.  It is insane.  I fall into bed absolutely fried at 10 PM and don't even mention laundry.

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