Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning, Coffee & a Book - The Son of Neptune

last week I was shopping for something at Walmart and on a whim decided to see if they had the newly released book, The Son of Neptune.  I knew it had been released because I'd gotten an email about it from one of the book chains, Barnes & Nobles maybe?  Walmart did have it, so I picked it up, $13 and change at Walmart, the email had offered it for $11


I'd picked up my son's copy of "The Lost Hero" this summer and I'd loved it.  I like Riordan's writing style, a lot.  I am usually a book snob and there are plenty of books that I pick up and cannot finish.  (for example:  one of my daughter's friends really likes T.A. Barron, I've tried to read them and I can't.)  I love that Riodan plays off of classics, and reinterprets them but keeps the classic characters true to their nature. The stories make sense from that perspective.  I love that his characters are complicated, they contradict themselves and Riodan knows it, calls them on it and lets them be human (or not) and work it out and deal with the consequences.  So I had put down The Lost Hero and immediately googled the series to see if the next one was out... and found that it wasn't but would be soon.  And then the emails came and so I was on the lookout-

I spent all day Thursday reading.  I took Bitsy and the Little Hawk up to the plantation and let them picnic and I read.  Glorious.

And I loved the book.

(I was delighted to see Percy again, I was also more than happy to willingly comply with the need to hate Octavian.  Seriously - he brutalizes Teddy Bears.  And I have a soft spot for Hazel.  I hope the next book is nice to her.)

And I can't believe I have to wait a whole year for the next one.

Oh, and I DID let my son take it to school today so he could start reading it.  *grin*

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