Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orange Day & Shampoo

Orange day Fiasco?

Yesterday -

in the morning between putting elementary school children onto the bus and buckling preschool children into the car - I like a cup of coffee and some "me" time - which means 5 to 20 minutes (depending on the morning) of Facebook and blogging and maybe if I'm feeling really productive actually checking the twitter & email for work...

And I must have gotten into it yesterday because time got away from me and I realized suddenly that I was going to be late with the preschoolers and that mattered because I had duty as Mother's Day Out "mommy helper" and we were out of juice.  Oh dear.

It was orange day in Bitsy's class and off I went to find a bow to go along with the pink and orange dress she was sporting:

How totally pleased with herself is she? 

note the bow.  Bitsy does like accessories... see? She added a bracelet too (okay its a hair tie but she decided today it was a bracelet)

And we finish up the hair and I grab a shirt to get little Hawk dressed and oh dear... He has decided to shampoo...

I take a big breath and I'm thinking OMG! but really, at least he didn't drink it right?  And it is my fault for leaving the shampoo out by the tub.  But I've got 10 minutes to be there and I've got to do something about this mess.  I start towards the tub and realize, "I need a picture so I can blog about this later" (demented?) and then realize that in 10 minutes I cannot get the little Hawk cleaned and dressed, drive Bitsy to preschool, stop and get juice, and drive to Mother's Day Out.  Nope, not gonna happen.

So... I call over to my husband's office.  His personal assistant (who actually got promoted and I am not sure she is still his personal assistant anymore...) spends part of her week at my house "um, C, can you come over and take Bitsy to school please? Little Hawk just shampooed himself and I need to clean him up and dress him..."  She giggles and says "I'm on my way!"

Thank goodness!

We get to Mother's Day Out at 9:35.  (35 minutes late)

And the rest of the day is actually a good day

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