Thursday, November 10, 2011

1st grader's Starburst Survey (or what geeks do with Halloween candy)

She said, "Mom I want to do an experiment."
Okay, what's the experiment?
"I want to know what kind of Nerds people like best." When we checked the Halloween Candy someone had over tapped the Nerd supply and there were only two boxes left.  But there were lots of free floating Starbursts at the bottom of the bag.
So we pulled out all the Starbursts and she had enough of 4 different flavors to survey 3 people.

The flavors were:
Cherry Mango, Cherry Chew, Strawberry Chew and Watermelon Chew.
Being an ambitious 6 year old she wanted to know which flavor was 1st, which was 2nd, which was 3rd and which was last.

Her 5th grader brother reminded her, "You need a Hypothesis.  What is your guess for which flavor will be the most liked?"

She hypothesized that Cherry Mango would be most popular.

We decided to give each "place" a number value.  1st place equaled 4 points, 2nd place equaled 3 points, 3rd place equaled 2 points and last place received one point.

She's tallying up her results now...

The most points a flavor could receive was 12, Watermelon won with 11, Cherry Mango received 9, Strawberry received 6 and Cherry received 4.

Not bad for a self run project by a 6 year old!


Farmchick said...

Good thinking on her part. I don't like Starburst, but they are a big hit with my second grade class....and they are not picky on the flavor.

FoxyMoron said...

She is a very clever girl, how many six year olds would even think of that?