Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Best & Worst

Last week I participated in A Baker's Dozen best & worst Wednesday - it was fun and as I haven't sat down to blog much this week I thought I'd sort of "best and worst" my way up to date:

current biggest worst: the lense on my camera is in for repair
best: it is repairable, it is the worst thing I can complain about all week, and they are hoping to have it back to me before the family trip in December.

next on my worst list: my computer is down.  It is the one with all my photos on it.  So this blog is photo less unless there are some random ones on this computer.
best: I'm married to a computer geek.  There is more than one computer in the house. I can still blog

worst: some insane person wants to know what I do all day and why I do not respond to their phone calls, emails in a "timely" manner.
best: I posted nearly everything I did today on Facebook (I refrained from including things like "dishes" "laundry" and "sweeping the kitchen") and my friends have added cute and funny remarks.

best: on Sunday I got the kids dressed in their Christmas Sweaters and took photos on my iphone for Christmas Cards.
worst: Tiger has a gorgeous sweater and we couldn't find it.

best: Sunday was Tiger's birthday
worst: he wasn't feeling well and we had to cancel his birthday party

tomorrow there are parent teacher conferences.  I see both Dragon & Tiger's teachers.  Dragon is having his best year ever and I'm really happy for him and for his teacher.  Tiger is having a difficult year.  He is very stressed about school.  He complains that if he doesn't get his morning work done he gets a "check" but that the school news is on, and sometimes he does tech support for that, and the reading paper takes him too long.  So he doesn't get his homework written down.  So even though he always gets his homework done, he gets corrected for not writing it down in his planner.  Tiger is dyslexic, in addition to having difficulty with reading and spelling, he has processing symptoms.  It literally takes him longer to do things.  Sally Shaywitz talks about this in her book "Overcoming Dyslexia" they have done MRIs studying how the brain works and they can see that the brain literally takes longer to process information in dyslexics.  They can see that dyslexics use different parts of the brain than non dyslexics do.

Tiger has an IEP.  It says that during instruction and during assesment he cannot be rushed, he must be given as much time as he needs.  So, I will be bringing in his IEP tomorrow and discussing that with his teacher.