Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just stuff

it was foggy this morning, very foggy

best thing about the bus, it picks up the kids at the end of my driveway *score*
worst thing, my worst memories of school are all bus related.  Too much time with too many kids unattended, and they aren't all nice.

out for a walk with little Hawk & the dog, love this mailbox

best thing about a foggy day, it burned off to a beautiful sun shiny day
worst thing, not really fog related, but, I was supposed to be on a field trip with my preschooler and had to miss it because Tiger & Dragon were home sick today.

spent the afternoon driving to Va Beach to see a lawyer.  Best thing, because it was sunny there wasn't any traffic going and only a little bottleneck on the way home.
Worst thing it took me forever to find their office because the "Bank of America" landmark they gave me isn't Bank of America anymore.

I'm loving the tree colors this week!

Best thing about hiring a lawyer, it'll get done right.  Worst thing, ridiculous fees.

I was listening to talk radio on the drive down.  It is interesting how many people were paying attention to state elections yesterday and what they think that means nationwide.  It is also interesting how many people are paying attention to what is happening in Italy (really, the third largest economy in Europe?)

I'm joining the Baker's Dozen for Best and Worst Wednesdays
and the Southern Day Dreamer for Outdoor Wednesday

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