Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pink & Blue POC and a little bling

Some where there is snow. And if you are in Massachusetts you are probably thinking, 'yeah, here, good riddance!' But my family is getting out our winter gear, trying it on, checking to see if we have everything. Because my family skis. Tim bought new POC helmets for K and MLyons. K's is the pink one, MLyons is turquoise (M's favorite color) which means it is a Julia Mancuso helmet. Julia's helmet comes with a few rhinestones so that you can make yourself a tiara.

How cute it that picture?

 and so the "tiara" got the girls going...

just the day before we'd celebrated Bitsy's Birthday and I had bought some stick-on bling for Bitsy's friends to make treasure boxes. I bought them at Michael's in the scrapbooking section, scrapbookers take their craft very seriously so I figured the bling would be good and sticky. Hopefully it stays but I'm guessing it hasn't been tested against gates.

I posted that last one on Julia Mancuso's Facebook page and she very graciously replied 

 Julia Mancuso awesome! thx for sharing

which was kind of cool.  The more I read about Julia the more I like her.

I am going to link my pretty pink and blue up to Beverly's Pink Saturday


chubskulit said...

So beautiful!

Pink cactus, have a great weekend!

JJ said...

I do miss hitting the slopes.