Saturday, December 3, 2011


so I'm writing this on Wednesday and I SHOULD be packing but I'm just really excited:

today we are supposed to have the opportunity to ski with Megan McJames


Megan is on the USA Alpine Ski Team. She went to the Olympics in Vancouver. She is skiing with my kids! My oldest, K, adores skiing. She is so stinking excited to meet an athlete that competes in our family sport. (I say that like, hah, we all race. No, we all ski. Some of them race. Not me. Only raced once, with Tiger on a parent/child course at Copper in 2008. I was 4 seconds slower than all the moms who were paying attention to times and places. Skiing is like swimming, every second is an eternity.) I believe Megan and Kiley (the two athletes DataXstream is helping sponsor this season) are still seeking donations to fulfill their $20,000 obligation of the year. Megan has a donate page on her blog. If you are into USA Skiing, and you have the ability to donate, large or small, I know she would appreciate it.

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