Monday, December 26, 2011

Being "Social"

When I started blogging it was an experiment.  It was supposed to help me with selling Arbonne.  Eventually I stopped selling Arbonne but I kept blogging because it was fun.  I like it.  
And then at the end of 2008 my husband's business was suffering so I took what (little) I'd learned from my blogging experiment and tried to help him out with online marketing and a social presence for his company.  That lead to an actual job, and to my husband hiring a real marketing person to start up a "for real marketing department."
In turn that lead to me finding and "following" people who make a living teaching people how to use "social" in the digital age to market.  My husband thinks I am great at it.  I think he's a little biased.  But it is something I enjoy doing.

Because I like doing it, I'm thinking about taking this year to really learn to help other people do it.  Like my mom.  She's an interior designer.  She is a really good one.  Her business is getting more and more competitive as their are fewer and fewer clients with funds to hire an expert in her field.  She needs to use the opportunities provided by the internet to find new clients and keep up with old ones.  

And I'm thinking of my friend M and trying to help her too, with real estate.  And then there are two more that come to mind.

And then today I stumbled upon this post:
I am excited to be a media partner of Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas. The conference will be held between February 7 -9, 2012 and already boasts some of the most notable names in social media who will be speaking including Jeff Hayzlett and Peter Shankman. If you are at all serious about taking your understanding of social media to the next level you definitely want to attend.

and she's giving away one opportunity to attend.

I would like to attend the Social Media Strategies Summit because I enjoy using the internet to connect with partners and clients and want to learn to do it more efficiently.  I also want to begin teaching others to use these resources to grow their businesses.  And I think in the end I may have found something that I enjoy, and good at, and can make a living doing.

The contest is nearly over, the deadline is Dec 31st.  I encourage you to stop by Mom Blog Magazine and enter. 

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