Friday, December 30, 2011


Yes I am a December baby.  My 40th Birthday was yesterday.  So I went over to my mom's for our family tradition, waffles and ice cream.  And despite the fact that she too is on the vegan diet that my husband is on, she made REAL waffles and had REAL ice cream.

if I could sing a clear high note I would and I'd insert it here.

Mom's table all set for my birthday
Sunflowers are special, I was born in Kansas

Mom was funny!  "Why are you taking pictures of the table?  It isn't even one of my pretty ones!"  It is for my blog mommy, none of your design clients will see it!  And it IS pretty!
Tim and 3 of the kids were off to ski training so it was me and the other three-

and then mom gave me my presents!  First I opened the a piece of jewelry, it is a family heirloom.  My mother's grandfather Eitelbach was a jeweler in New York City.  I think he and his brother operated as the "Eitlebach brothers."  There is mention of a Walter Eitlebach in the Jewelers' circular from 1917.  And a Harry Eitelbach is mentioned as serving in the Army in the same publication. and continueed google search reveals that Walter Eitelbach was cataloged: 2. Jewelry and Precious Stones, Jewelers' Supplies and Tools  Eitelbach, Walter, ft Co.. Inc., 182 Broadway
but it does not include the year.  More searches show Walter Eitelbach being quoted in the Milwaukee Journal, Dec 1942, as president of the Jeweler's Security Alliance (don't you love that you can sit at home and google this stuff?!?)  And finally I find Louis Eitelbach.  I believe he was my great grandfather and Walter was his older brother.  Apparently there are files on record at Selected Gedcom Records but I can't download them without specific software?  Anybody know?
So for now, I'll stop there-

Louis Eitelbach's tie tack.  It's like a mother's ring.  I know the blue topaz represents my grandfather Howard Eitelbach who was also a December baby.  I don't know who the pink stone (tourmaline?) diamonds and emeralds represent.  It is beautiful!

My other present was a set of dishes, Limoges from France, that are too darling!  She helped her friend (Aunt Kathy) clean out ther dad's house last summer and found these.  They had been in Aunt Kathy's mom's antique store at some point! And they are so fabulous!  After brunch with mom I was off to Richmond's Short Pump (about and hour drive) to meet my husband and the other kids so we could all have dinner together.  I was worried about the plates being mistreated by children's feet so I left them at mother's until next week.

me & mommy
I drove up to Richmond and met them all in the parking lot of the Whole Foods near Short Pump, and then we looked around for a good place for dinner.  M wanted Olive Garden but it wasn't open.  The other Italian place couldn't seat us for 40 minutes and then we found a Plaza Azteca that looked like it was locally owned (which is weird, I thought they were a chain?) and it was very yummu.  Mexican is always easy for vegetarians, and we just ask for our plates to come without cheese...

Dragon on a sugar high from the Sprite

So many sweet smiles.  It was very cute that the kids did not want to miss my birthday :)


delia hornbook said...

Such wonderful photo's ;-) Happy birthday, dee xx

Farmchick said...

Really cool family history! And, such a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Nice that all of your family were with you on your birthday! Wishing you a very happy new year!

FoxyMoron said...

Happy, happy birthday for yesterday! You so do not look 40 Cailin. Your mum is lovely and those kids.......omg.....gorgeous.