Sunday, December 4, 2011

Megan McJames

I've had some good days on the snow.  There was the day we were supposed to take a rest day in April, (after 2 days of skiing, and we are flat landers people) and Vail got 30 inches.  So we skied. And it was glorious.

There was the day in Brian Head Utah that my dad challenged me to a race, and I had him beat, flat out beat and then some lady was traversing across a narrow area and I couldn't time her passes and I yard-saled- lost my boot even- and my dad blew past me laughing.

Dating my husband and skiing...

The first day I took each of my kids skiing...

But yesterday was in its own grouping.

We got to ski with Megan McJames.  In the previous post I'd said we were looking forward to meeting her.  Her credits include being a World Cup skier, NorAm overall title in 2006, and she skied in the Olympics(!)  She is a great girl.  She comes across as very sweet and unassuming.  She seems to be grateful and hopeful for the opportunities she has as a skier but not boastful and certainly not taking anything for granted.  If you check the previous post you'll get a feel for what I mean in the video which I found at the Dream Share Project.

Megan McJames and two of my girls
It was particularly neat for my family that we were able to meet Megan because her personality was easy for us to relate to.  And so my oldest child, in the blue hat there, really opened up a lot more than I expected and asked a bunch of questions.  My daughter is 11 years younger than Megan and wanted to know about racing, and about the Winter Sport School that Megan went to in Park City and about boarding with a family and so on.  And Megan was great.  She was sweet (I keep saying sweet but honestly that is the perfect word for her) and she tried to really answer Kat's questions.

Tim, presenting Megan with her check from DataXstream LLC
We also enjoyed listening to her talk about baking this summer with her teammate and her ideas for baking more in the future.  She bakes with Chelsea and they call themselves, "Sister Sweet Tooth" Chelsea blogs at Chelsea's Cookies.  Sister Sweet Tooth can be found at the blog named, what else? Sister Sweet Tooth.

I'm still trying to understand the FIS site but if I have it correct you can follow Megan's racing season here and if I do have it correct she had two good races in Aspen last weekend in the Giant Slalom.

Now I've got to take this and pull it together into a presentable format and send it off to associated content.  Because my part of the sponsorship is to help Megan with marketing.  I am not sure what help I can offer, but I get the feeling that athletes pretty much have to market themselves, and with traveling, training and competing, that seems like a lot to keep up with.  So hopefully I can add a little boost.

You can help.  Find Megan McJames on facebook, and "like" her.  Follow her blog at Megan McJames Wordpress.  You can donate.

and if your interested this is a great article at Start Haus

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