Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Megan

So I did get my notes together and come up with something for "yahoo, voices" which used to be "associated content"

Megan in 2nd. Borrowed from Megan's Facebook Page

Skiing with Megan McJames

their comments:
Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, we believe this content does not match something many people would likely search for online, so we are unable to offer an Upfront Payment.

upfront payment means Yahoo Voices pays me, any where from $2 to maybe $8 depending on expected popularity (except I've never gotten more than $4.50).  I would just love to prove them wrong.  So if you have a minute please click over.  I really want to help Megan get her name out and get her sponsors lined up.  Due to lack of funds Megan had to write a check for $20,000 to be on the ski team.  Yes, you read that right.  After qualifying to race on the United States Ski team, she wrote a check.  She isn't getting paid to ski.  She isn't the only athlete to find themselves in that position.  Sponsors and Donors are hard to come by.

So if you like to ski, or if you enjoy the Winter Olympics, or if you are into it enough to like the World Cup, check out Megan.  And check out the other US Skiers.  And make some noise.  Let them know you are behind them.  Most of them have Facebook pages.  Some of them have twitter pages.

Sure, times are tight.  But these kids are chasing down their dreams.  And that is really cool.

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