Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Off to Practice

Santa brought pole guards for Christmas! Yes! and a sweet POC hat.
 Last year the family packed up on Dec 26th and drove to Wintergreen Virginia for ski team practice.  This year there isn't any snow.  Wintergreen has snow making capabilities but it has been ridiculously warm lately.  So even with snowmaking only 2 runs are open.  This leaves everybody less than enthusiastic.  However this year Tim is a coach (he started coaching midseason last year) and so he has an obligation.  And there is dry land training.  So after the flu cleared the house, Tim and the kids spent yesterday prepping to head up to Wintergreen.  We don't have our own place.  We bum off a friend.  And after the car was packed and everybody was ready to roll Tim received a text "so what are your plans now?  please don't bring us the flu :( "
I looked at my husband and said, "you've just been disinvited."  Tim was actually close to tears.  He'd pushed so hard to get ready.  He'd told the coaches he would be there on Wednesday to help out.  I was already not going, with no snow we didn't need the toddler & preschooler going cabin crazy in someone else's place.  Since I wasn't going Dragon wasn't either.  Long story. I am sure I'll get to it.
So Tim decided he'd let everybody get some sleep and then at 3:00 AM he woke up the kids to drive to the mountains to make 6:45 practice.
We really need a place.
We really want one on the side of a mountain in Colorado or Utah.
Tiger really doesn't want to leave VA.
K gets older everyday.
We could never sell our house in today's market and get our money out of it.
But how cool is it that my kids were in the basement yesterday tuning skis with their dad?  And Wintergreen's home page reports that they are making snow overnight.  YAY!  Racing team gets out there an hour before they open up to anybody else.  So hopefully they'll get some good turns in before they come home.

Tiger learning to tune his skis.


delia hornbook said...

Happy new year to you all, dee x

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Wow, sounds like fun! I've never been skiing before...maybe one day.... :)