Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pink Saturday - Ornaments!

I am writing this way in advance (it is actually January as I type) but I just uploaded pictures I took at my moms...

My mother has a fabulous Christmas tree.  It has ornaments from each place we've lived, lots of places we've visited, fancy ornaments, not so fancy ornaments, and it is really a wonderful memory tree

so for Pink Saturday I start with these antiques that she displays in the kitchen in her little glasses- a fun little corner-

this is her tree:

I bought this ornament for her at a "Bazaar" in Bitburg Germany.  Every year one of the airplane hangers was filled up with different vendores selling wares - all sorts of wonderful things would be in there.

this one is hard to see,  it is an egg shell, carefully cut out and inside is photo that is very faded showing my mother, my father and myself nearly 1 year old.  It is decorated with ribbon and beads.

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Marydon said...

How precious the egg memories, CalinMarie. So love the nativity. How fun an idea to collect from your travels.

Merry Christmas