Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skiing in Copper

Whoo Hoo
Got another day in!  The little ones have done well with ski school and day care so far and I got another day of skiing in for myself.  My  husband is working as a coach on this trip so he is out at 8:30 AM with the racers and they are on the hill by 9.  He has skied Sunday & Monday with "the little guys" so MLyons is with him.  The team officially has places for 7 year olds.  MLyons is 6 and there is some back and forth as to whether she will ski on the Wintergreen Development Team this year.
And then Alan took out the adults.  Alan has been involved with Wintergreen skiing since the mid to late 1970s.  I asked him the other day.  I was shocked, 1970s seems so "early" for Southern Skiing.  I mean, Wintergreen relies on the ability to make snow.  He was hilarious with us though, he had us working on finding our edges.  Drills that I personally need because Tim says I skid instead of turn.  Alan kept saying "anybody can turn" I want you to do ... so first it was a run through brush gates while we were "scooting" our skis back and forth, sort of walking them, and it was interesting to see what that did to your balance.  And then it was breaking turns down into a 1,2,3, exaggerated move again trying to see what that did to your balance.  I was learning a lot but the pace was driving me nuts.  There are some very slow parents.  And then after lunch we actually went over to the greens over on Timberline and really slowed down the turns and that was where I felt like I got the sensation of finding and pushing my edges.  My left leg is really "behind" and I think I'm going to have to go home and seriously get back into pilates and yoga and get my core and hips strong if I'm going to be able to ski the way I want to ski.
I get frustrated with that.  I used to be fairly good.  And then I had kids.  And between the wear and tear on my body, and allowing myself to get out of shape, and just not having the opportunity to get on the mountain myself... I'm just not skiing the way I'd like to.
All my best childhood memories seem to involve ski trips.  It was what my family did.  And then I met a guy in Virginia who skied.  And now it is what our family does.  And I want to be able to ski into my 70s.  So I need to get it together.
I also have got to get this altitude thing under control.   Several of the racers have had to take breaks due to altitude issues.  So I've been having water chugging contests with the kids in the morning.  I chugged 5 glasses of water, one after another and wasn't much in the mood for coffee.  BIG MISTAKE.  By 2 PM I had a caffeine headache.  So I made coffee at 4 PM and now I can't sleep.  Aargh!

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