Thursday, December 1, 2011

We're off

well, nearly

Today there was much ado about packing... I think I have everything for everybody.  Except toothbrushes, because the youngest keeps running off with them all so I think we may just buy a batch of new upon arrival.

The husband has put all the bags into the mini-bus.  Yes, he finally bought me a mercedes... bus. Seriously, it seats 12 and has a high ceiling and ridiculous bounce and takes up two parking places.  But I digress.  And after all the packing his employee/friend Blake came over and helped move the living room couch into my bedroom, rollup the rug, move the antique armoire inherited from my mother away from the wall, the two Korean table/chests out of the front hall and roll up the front rug because the house is being painted while we are away.  Brilliant, we are all gone and it needs to be done.  Not brilliant, I come home and within 6 days host the company holiday party *in my home* I shall need to unpack 8 people's things, ski gear, and decorate, all within 6 days.

The Christmas Party has been my job for the last few years with some delegation but I've had a heavy hand.  This year my husband has a new assistant and the invite list has been a bit tricky.  I am not sure exactly where the list she has came from, it looks like it merged my other evite account with my business account.  In addition to old college roommates, and old babysitters, there is a woman that used to date my husband's business partner on the list of invitees.  Um...?  So it may be interesting.

but anyway, I'm off to guzzle some water, set my alarm and try to sleep before my 3 AM wake up call.  Yes I did say 3 AM.  Welcome to the world of traveling with Tim Yates.

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FoxyMoron said...

Have fun! And you'll ace all that other stuff.