Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fashion - Seoul April 2011

I love the clothes.  They are more than just city clothes - I mean, they are city clothes and so they are dressier than maybe other places but every city has its own vibe and the clothes here are fabulous.

What do I see?
The men dress up!  Prints- they'll wear a striped suit, with a shirt that has a light checkerboard pattern, with a vest that has maybe stripes that pick up colors from both, and then maybe a tie- and the suits aren't cut boxy.  They are cut slim,   So the jacket shows off the shoulders, sits on a slim waist and the entire effect is fabulous.
The women.  Oh my goodness - heels, heels, heels.  How on earth do they walk in those heels all day?  And short skirts, or short shorts, with tights or leggings underneath, and then a jacket - like a dress jacket over it all.  Often the skirt is so short that the jacket covers it, so that sometimes they look like all they are wearing is the jacket.  And scarves!  And glitter!  And LABELS - I have never seen so many Chanel jackets, and Louis Vuitton bags, and Christian Louboutin shoes on actual people (as opposed to a store rack or something) and of course there are also the knock-offs but there are plenty of originals too.  Wowee!
And CUTE- everybody is cute.  The girls are cute, the men are cute, nobody is afraid to be cute.  Very interesting-

lots of the girls have pink, pink phones with charms and lipgloss hanging off of them

I was trying to nonchalantly take a picture of a little girl in line and she ducked out of my line of vision just as I photographed!  Instead you get a not very good photo of a woman in a wonderful black outfit.

Still not a fabulous photo, but here she is.  In her high socks, and cute grey skirt and smashing red blazer.  She looked darling.

she was touring the palace.  I love that she is all in black with that fabulous coat and even better, check out the hat!  And she is touring the palace in those heels!

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