Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Korean War Memorial

We spent two mornings at the Korean War Memorial.  I have about a 3 hour tolerance for museums - the boys have about an hour.
Anyway - we spent one afternoon just walking around the outside of the Korean War Memorial - all kinds of tanks, airplanes, anti air guns- a replica of the ship that was sunk last year- and some beautiful monuments.

Another day we went inside- and the boys were sort of checking things out and a docent came up to talk to me.  So we had a lovely discussion, she had been in Washington DC area with her family for a year.  Her husband worked for NIST which I have to look up.  What is NIST?  She, like everybody, was shocked to hear that we had 5 kids.  She thought the way I was interacting with my sons that I was a school teacher.  Haha.  So she wanted to know what brought us to Korea and I pointed out Dragon, "he was born here."  As a general rule, people are thrilled that he is back in his "mother country" learning about Korea.

Tim wanted to take the hour long tour at 10AM and I mentioned that to the docent and she offered to give us our own private tour.  Very sweet!
(Almost all the museums seem to have tours at some point in English.  It is embarrassing how many people speak English and how easy it is to get around without speaking Korean.)

My Tiger in front of the War Drum of Korea - the Korean Tiger represents the strength and bravery of the Korean Army.

If you are ever in Korea and have a little time I highly recommend a visit to the Korean War Memorial Museum.  You will be amazed at what you will learn.  Tim and I kept saying "wow, I never learned that!  I didn't know that!  Did you know that?"

Even better Dragon absorbed it like a sponge.  I have pictures of him laying on the benches pretending to be asleep and in general he acted a bit rude and bored, but when we returned home his 3rd grade teacher got him a map and a pointer and let him teach the class what he'd learned.  He had it all down, she was highly impressed and assured me that he learned a lot of Korean history while he was traveling.

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You were near ME??? What fun for the kid-lings to learn about history.

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