Friday, January 6, 2012

The Palace


Which one?  There are three...
I am not going to promise that I've got my facts straight, but I think we visited Gyeongbok Palace today.  If I have the name correct, it was the primary residence of the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty.
When we first arrived, there was a changing of the guard ceremony.
It is hard now, to write about it because I've been walking around the city of Seoul for 10 hours or more- but at the time I was so excited to see the ceremony-
The Guards are in the most wonderful, colorful, traditional clothing- red, bright blue, peacock feathers on one of the hats, pheasant feathers on other hats, swords, bows & arrows, fabulously decorated drums, cymbals, and flags.  So visually rich.  I loved it!!!
The grounds of the palace are extensive.  So many different pavilions.   And again, so visually rich.  They painted the structures green, red, blue, there are peonies and dragons and pheonixes that look like the Russian Fire Bird version.  In the back is a spring that flows into a small pond that surrounds a lovely pavilion, there are blooming trees... it is overwhelming and I need more than one day to take it all in!
And then there is the museum to the side, with clothing, and furniture and artifacts and timelines and wow.
I hope to see it all again someday.

If ever you are in Seoul, you should go and visit.

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