Monday, January 2, 2012

Seoul Korea: 4/14/2011

Post from travel:  We traveled to Seoul in April, 2011.  We = myself, my husband and my two sons, ages 10 and 9 at the time.

Yikes.  Crazy kids got up again at 4 AM.  WHAT!  Luckily we have the iPads to keep them busy a little while but it is ridiculous in my opinion.  I honestly think Dragon does it on purpose so he'll get extra time with the electronics.
Anyway - we were in the lounge at 7 to eat and then off to the National Museum of Korea.
The building itself it impressive, really beautiful.  At first we thought about taking an audio tour but then decided to take a tour with a guide at 10:30 AM.  So we had maybe 45 minutes on our own.
It must have been national school field trip day today.  The place was overrun with school kids.  Which was kind of fun.  They all stared of course but every now and then one would get brave.  Often that just meant saying "hello" but one boy asked me "where are you from?"  And a three girls decided to corner Tiger and make him talk to them which was cute and funny.  Tiger of course didn't know what to do with it but the girls were a hoot.
So the museum-
Beginning with prehistoric era- chipped rock hand axes and the like, the exhibit moves through time on the Korean Peninsula.  Like most other places I've seen so far in Seoul, much of the museum is labeled in English as well as in Korean.  Pretty easy to follow.
I was particularly interested in trying to put the timeline together in my own head.  I have heard of the Silla kingdom quite a bit so it was helpful for me to put that into some sort of context and to see some of the many artifacts from the period both of Silla as one of the three kingdoms as well as when the Kingdom of Silla was strong and covered much of the Korean Peninsula.
I was also interested in the painting exhibits and the celadon collection.  Both so gorgeous.  I was excited to see the gift shop offered the museum catalog in English, which I purchased for 50,000 won.
We had lunch there at the museum and then headed back to the hotel for a nap.

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