Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping - Itaewon Market, Seoul


JJ's Custom Tailor & Shirts

Itaewon Market - it is a very touristy sort of place, but it is quite fun.
There are many kinds of shops and restaurants, but Tim's favorites are the tailors.  Tim decided to try out three different tailors and pick his favorite (why I'm not sure.  I don't expect to be traveling back to Korea for 5 or 6 years...)
He decided that he like Dayton's suit the best, but JJ's shirts the best.  JJ cut his suit in a very European, close fitting, style.  Of course now that Tim has been vegan for 6 months and is super trim, that isn't so bad.  I bought a leather Jacket at Dayton's, it is quite spiffy.


Michelle a.k.a. Farmchick said...

Actually, a visit to a real tailor sounds like quite a treat.

delia hornbook said...

To have something made just for you is wonderful and make you feel very grand. Your family looks so lovely in the first photo. Happy new year, dee x