Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wiped out!

Wow! And it has all started off with a *bang*

I fell last week Monday, I was running at 5:30 AM (very dark out) with my dog and was blinded by a lone car's headlights and stepped off the path and hit my right ankle and my leg buckled and down I went.  My palms and opposite knee are still recovering from the fall but I twisted or sprained my ankle or something and it is sore and weak and gets all swollen- BAH!

Friday I was limping around doing laundry and trying to pack everybody up- and we didn't get it all done in time- so Saturday we were up very early to drive to the mountains for ski practice.

And Friday as I was limping around wondering why on earth I was doing this I happened upon Kat's door:

old ski magazine images
that is Megan McJames top right

goal setting
And so I am reminded - this is my dream child who loves to ski.  And off we go.  Limp or no limp.  And then I see via Kiley on twitter that Chelsea has hurt herself in the Downhill and I know she'd give anything right now to just have a bum ankle.  Here is hoping her rehab goes quickly.

later: I forgot to mention that meeting Megan McJames looks like it might be a pivotal moment in my daughter's life.  It kind of clicked in Kat's head "people do this" people grow up and instead of being teachers or accountants or doctors or engineers, they ski.  Kat has been researching ski academies the last few weeks, and really thinking about what it would mean to leave her hometown and go away for high school.  I'm not sure I can afford it, but it is really interesting watching her brain grab hold of the concept.

I am stressing a bit about time.  We are at a new preschool this year for Bitsy and they are doing an auction, I told the girl in charge I'd do the class crafts as I did them in the past for our old preschool.  I have 5 to do before the end of February.  Which means I need to get cracking!  So hopefully my next posts will all be about upcycling old pieces of children's furniture for the auction.


delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear of your fall, i hope you feel better real soon. Take it easy, dee x

FoxyMoron said...

Upcycling kids' furniture sounds good.
Hope your ankle feels better soon.