Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee and

For a while there I was doing well with the whole Monday Morning Coffee and a book thing. I mean I love books and I love writing about them. And then somewhere in there we added the little hawk to our lives and things just got busy and then this year I thought I'd really try to focus on posts about "creating" because that is in essence who I am. I love to "make" and so the posts regarding the preschool furniture make-overs. But I've been picking up books again lately and so I'm going to give it a shot- but first a movie.
I'm not a huge movie buff. I never know what is just out and just new and I'm never first in line. And so it was no surprise that I stumbled across "Warrior" a few weeks ago without having ever heard of it. I was searching itunes for something else entirely. But the photo caught my attention. I like "guy" movies. I enjoy martial arts. I see the skill behind boxing and appreciate the level of conditioning it takes to withstand those punches to the abs, arms, and so on and so a movie about two fighters is right up my ally.
 But it isn't just a prize fighter movie. The characters are given some level of depth, some of it isn't quite explained, there is a lot of hinting going on, and the ending was completely unsatisfactory - completely unsatisfactory (yes, I DO need to say that twice) but I LOVE this movie. I am an immersion experience person, I "get into" a movie, book, musical, concert, whatever and I was into this movie. I felt the intensity, the desperation, I was pleading for them, I was sobbing, I was hugging my knees with tears running down my face. I need these kinds of movies because they allow me to let go of emotions otherwise buried or pushed aside. I can't always cry for me, but I can cry for this man on the screen. This movie is brutal. If you can't watch boxing you should't watch it. But it is an amazing movie and I think I'll need to watch it a few times.


Marydon said...

G'morn CalinMarie! I had not heard of this movie but will see if we can view it.
I love the pics of you & your wee one.

Have a beautiful week ~

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Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Welll, ok, if you say so, I'll watch it when the Mr. brings it home from the movie store (that's usually when I run for the 2nd TV!). I do like the sport of boxing so I can handle it - I'm tough ;- )