Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee & a Book: The Game of Thrones

I love this series!

I picked up the first book, "The Game of Thrones" a month ago in an airport.  I was looking for "The Hunger Games" but it was a small airport with an even smaller book store and they didn't have it.  I had seen ads for the t.v. show "The Game of Thrones" and I like medieval stories of lords and ladies and so but what had really caught my eye was Sean Bean.  He played Boromir in "The Lord of the Rings" and did a beautiful job.  I watch the rings trilogy with my husband once a year, it is tradition and I love it.  And I really admire Bean's portrayal of Boromir as a man.  He isn't evil, he is human and as a human he is susceptible to the power of the ring and it ultimately betrayed by his love for his country.  So Bean plays the character "Ned Stark" in the Thrones and he is on the cover of the book, and so I picked it up.  And I was hooked.  I came home and bought book two the day I finished book one.  My husband hasn't been home much but while he was here he noticed my obsession and checked to see if he could download season one of the show.  We did and watched it in a weekend.  {It is wildly inappropriate by the way- nudity- language- violence; not to for the family!}
So he downloaded the 4 pack of books onto his ipad and mine as well.  I read book 3 and 4 on the ipad and book 5 isn't available for download so I'm going to have to buy the book.  I have a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble in the morning when I drop my littles off at preschool, guess where I'm headed?

If you've read them you know that there are all kinds of characters in this book and the great thing is that they evolve.  I immediately fell for Arya Stark and Jon Snow and so far they haven't let me down.  I find that Brienne, who isn't introduced until book 3 or 4, is the person I most relate to and that is interesting.  I wonder how they are going to portray her in the t.v. version.

Jon is played by Kit Harington and he is just perfect. I'm really rooting for this character and I'm find myself rooting for Kit too.  I hope to see him again in more t.v. or movies.  Apparently he is in Silent Hill 3 and so is Sean Bean so you'd think I'd run out and rent it, but its a horror film and I don't watch horror.  They really freak me out.  So I'm disappointed but hopefully I'll see him in something else before too long.

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