Monday, May 21, 2012

Flat Stanley - bit of a vent


I just got homework from my cousin- Are you familiar with Flat Stanley? Apparently there is a book, and in it a bulletin board flattens a child named Stanley. The upside of being ‘flat’ is that he gets sent to visit relatives in California.

So today we received an envelope from a teacher in Massachusetts. It seems she teaches my cousin’s daughter's second grade class (got all that?) and I’m not sure if my cousin thought she ought to send the envelope to me or my daughter because the envelope was labeled “Kateline” ummm really? That is neither my name nor any of my kids’s names, but I know they were trying to send it to me because that is my cousin’s daughter in the photo. In the envelope is a laminated “Flat Stanley” with my cousin’s daughter’s name on the back (she dots her “i” with a heart. how cute is that?)-

-and a letter from the teacher: “Thank you so much for welcoming one of our flat travelers to your home for further adventures. Flat Stanley has travelled lightly. We hope that during his visit you will be able to record your and his activities in a journal format of your choosing. Feel free to hand-write or type entries telling us about your city, what Stanley saw or did and where he went while he was in your care. We welcome photos, postcards, brochures, souvenirs etc to display with Stanley when he arrives back at school. However there is no need to “go all out” and make a lot of work for yourself; feel free to keep it simple.”

Are you kidding me?

And mind you- this is from a relative I haven’t spoken to in years. Once a year we exchange Christmas cards- I get a card from her with a photo of her kids. I at least send out the required “my kid is better than your kid” Christmas letter full of all our accolades gathered throughout the year. (sarcasm people sarcasm)

I am flabbergasted. I would never in a million years send a letter like this out before at least checking with the intended recipient to see if it was okay- if the timing was alright- and I’d spell their damn name right. Oh- and I’d never pick this relative because as I recall, I wrote letters and she never wrote back. Maybe that is why she picked me, I used to write letters. But I’d have to be an absolute creaton to let this little kid down. SO we will go ALL OUT and send back the best “Flat Stanley” the second grade in Eastham has ever seen.

Flat Stanley In Williamsburg VA

sending a CD with Fife & Drum Core music, a map, a packet of postcards, and Virginia Peanuts. Hope there aren't any peanut allergies... for that matter I hope my cousin isn't allergic to peanuts! If she was I wouldn't know!

 (And if you are a teacher, please for the love of your students and their friends, don't encourage them to mail off homework to other people. I have 3 kids involved in state wide assessment testing called SOLS in this state and the teachers are an uptight tizzy. My husband has pulled apart the back yard and for the last several weeks we have spent every spare minute out there. We had soccer tryouts, a soccer game, 2 ballet performances to help practice for the 'big recital" I DO NOT NEED A GUILT TRIP FROM A 7 YEAR OLD I'VE SEEN ONCE IN 7 YEARS.  Keep Flat Stanley at home!)


Zelmarific said...

That's worse than a chain letter!

Austine Etcheverry said...

The story of your daughters is hysterical. Here's to sensitive children, I have one of those also.