Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ski Season already? Chelsea's Cookies

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Last year my husband's company (DataXstream) helped support two members of the US Ski team.  It was a blast to follow them and in doing so I ended up following a few other girls as well.  One of them was Chelsea Marshall.   Chelsea is easy to follow because she blogs regularly.  She faced what sounded to me like a really big injury last season and finished up the season in physical therapy but she has fought her way back and is ready to train again.

And so she faces the challenges of money.  Chelsea posted the particulars on the blog but she has taken an active and creative approach to her fundraising.  She likes to bake.  She will send you cookies if you donate.

I am in awe of all of these women.  They are living lives that require incredible courage, discipline, strength, determination and heart.  They keep an exhausting schedule of training, traveling and competing all because they love to ski and you probably have no idea who they are.  I was thrilled to watch the women ski at Beaver Creek in December last season.  After the race I rode a bus down from the slope to the parking lot and three members of the ski team were on the bus.  They were all in pink team jackets with skis in their hands.  I had no idea what their names were and I was sad.  Because I'm not an outgoing person, I didn't ask them their names (shame on me I know). A dad on the bus asked them to autograph his grade school daughter's cow bell and they were so pleased to be asked.  It occurred to me then how lonely it must get during the season.  Do I feel sorry for them?  No and I'm not asking you to either.  I am just sharing the little glimpse, the tip of the ice berg I've happened to see, of what it might mean to live as a professional athlete.

Like I stated before, I am in awe of these women.  I want to surround my daughters and sons with women like this.  I want my kids to know that they too can be strong and beautiful and fall down and get hurt and then get back up again.  And when life is getting too crazy, a batch of good cookies is just the thing.

So if you are of the mind to help out a skier, a good one, with her season please click here.

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