Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bedtime stories

It has been a busy week - I have wonderful intentions of sharing some of it with you but well, its been busy.  Tonight's precious moment, however, is in a class all its own.

Crazy busy day- and we find ourselves having a late and simple dinner.  I've sent Bitsy and MLyons off to get ready for bed while I sit with Little Hawk as he finishes noodles... I hear lots of thumbing from upstairs.  "Girls!  Mommy asked you to brush your teeth and get into bed."
I feed Little Hawk two or three more bites and there is more thumping.  I holler again and they holler back.  This pattern continues for maybe 5 or 10 minutes.  (who knows.  I swear time slows down at bedtime and what I think is an hour is really 120 seconds.)
Finally there is a lot of loud noise from upstairs.
As Bitsy frequently ignores my admonitions to get herself into bed and can be found playing in her sister's room I suspect that she is doing just that and has been.
"Girls! Downstairs now!"
"Yes mom!"
but no feet on the steps.
"I'm counting! 5, one one thousand, 4..."

They materialize as I say "one" MLyons still pulling her nightgown over her head.

"Bitsy.  Did you brush your teeth?"
"Then you need to put your head on your pillow now and do not get out of bed.  Do not get out of bed to ask me if MLyons can sleep with you, do not get out of bed to ask me for a drink of water, do not get out of bed.  Capisce?"
(yes, we got the whole Italian thing from my brother. And that is the extent of my Italian, right there in those two little words. oh, and "Pellegrino" my secret vice)
and off she goes to bed.

MLyons, ever the most sensitive of children, is already sporting a quivering chin and watery eyes.  "M, did you brush your teeth?"
"Okay, please go to bed now."
And she ducks her head, sticks out her lip, and sulks off.
"M!  I asked you nicely, I didn't yell, please stop."
"I wanted to tell you why we were making noise."
I really don't want to hear her latest, "it isn't my fault" story but whatever, if I don't give now she'll be up there crying and in 20 minutes I'll have to listen to it anyway.
Me: "Okay, why were you making all that noise?"
MLyons: "Well, I was brushing my teeth and then as I finished up I noticed (love that choice of words) that Bitsy had fallen into the toilet.  And her leg was stuck in that hole that the poop goes down."
(yes, I'm pressing my lips together trying not to laugh and my eyebrows are up around my hairline)
"So I helped her out and dried her off and then you made us come down."
Me: "wow!  I wish I had that on video"
her eybrows furrow and she shakes her head.  "Why?"
Me: "Oh c'mon M.  If you saw that on t.v. and it wasn't Bitsy wouldn't you laugh?"
Tears. Full on tears. "It isn't some kid on t.v. it was Bitsy and it isn't funny!"


The only thing that kept me from bursting out laughing was knowing that I could share it with you all later and you'd think it was funny.

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