Saturday, June 30, 2012

Leaving Burkburnett

Yesterday we left Texas.  We had a great time!  From Burkburnett we drove West and took US 287 and US 87N to Colorado.

On the way we passed through Childress Texas.
Totally AWESOME bakery.  We stopped for Donuts (freshly made), a dozen plus 2, and coffee (free) and 7 cold drinks, all for $22.50 and totally worth it.  If you ever drive through Childress Texas I highly recommend the bakery.  In fact, Tiger piped up from the back "Mom, can we make this tradition?" "Make what tradition?" "This... going to Texas and then driving to Oregon and getting donuts at this bakery."

We'll see Tiger, We'll see.

The drive was long but pretty and we arrived in Colorado Springs earlier than we anticipated.  In case you didn't know, Colorado Springs is on fire.  I had wanted to take the kids to the Air Force Academy, my dad went there, my brother went there, and it is a beautiful school.  I had wanted to take them to the Garden of the Gods.  We won't be going to see either.

Since it was only aout 5 pm we went to Seven Falls which stays open late.  It is a beautiful waterfall that I went to see with my mom, brother and sisters in 1991.  I forgot how steep the steps are, and it was crazy windy and Bitsy kept trying to climb on railings... made me crazy nervous.

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