Tuesday, June 5, 2012

summer reading

generally I allow myself to stumble about with the belief that I am a fairly well educated woman.

and every once in a while I surface from my daily immersion in "momminess" to have that charming little bubble popped.

like today, when I stopped by a college friends Facebook page and saw that some time ago she had posted a link to a New York Times article in tribute to Adrienne Rich.  I had no idea who Adrienne Rich was.  The title is "Adrienne Rich, Influential Feminist Poet dies at 82."  Shouldn't I have at least heard of her if she's and "influential feminist poet?"  Where have I been?  Oh right, listening to Cars 2 and doing untold amounts of laundry. {Interestingly she looks like my art prof. Alexis.  I'm willing to bet that Alexis knows who Adrienne Rich is.}

And last week in New York walking around the art exhibit thinking "I've never even *read* Gertrude Stein.  What did she write about?"

So I have two new authors to add to my summer reading list.  Which I'll get to right after I read "The Hunger Games" (because I need to know what my teenagers are reading) If I can force myself to finish "The Red Pyramid" anyone else think Percy Jackson is way more interesting than Carter whatever his name is?  I think it is the style, I can't get into the teenager bickering, back and forth narration.  Ugh.

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