Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Road Trip!

A few years ago I started this blog for family and friends- my husband and I had thrown our then 5 kids, 2 labrador retrievers, a bearded dragon and a hermit crab into a minivan and driven from Virginia to Colorado for a 6 month stay.

This summer I have left the pets at home (including the dog to my dismay!) and piled 6 kids into a sprinter - big ol' white thing -  and we are headed West.  Our first destination is Texas.

Yesterday we made it out of Virginia-

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We stopped for a picnic lunch at a "Safari Park" that is right off of 81.  What a hoot!  It is one of those parks you can drive through, but I wasn't sure I wanted to do that in the sprinter (I am borrowing it from my husband's company - can you just see me returning it with hoof prints or something?  "Sorry the camels got a little excited" ) So we took the wagon ride.  Each person gets a bucket of food with their wagon ticket and we boarded with probably 20 other  people and took a ride through the park.  It is huge! And pretty.  And while it is a little weird to see an elk begging for kibble- it is wonderful to be so close to them.  The park has llamas, camels, zebras, elk, bison, deer, antelope and other animals all in the feed area.

Little Hawk remembered the Zebras from our trip to Tampa and he wanted to feed them but our guide said to ignore the Zebras, they kick and bite because that is what Zebras do.  So the poor things stand there on the out skirts and look at you forlornly and wait for the wagon to move on so they can eat off the ground.

* wrote that Monday night at the hotel. I was trying to load photos, from my phone to the laptop and then to photobcket and was having difficulty. And it seems the connector for the power cord didn't make it into the computer bag, or fell out. So, this will get edited again... * Currently: We are in Arkansas. I will wake up my kids momentarily and we will hit the road for Oklahoma.

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delia hornbook said...

sounds like you are going to create some wonderful memories, Enjoy and stay safe, dee x