Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bit of a Pickle...

Well – I left my home town on June 18th. And it has been a fairly uneventful trip – the kids have mostly behaved, the car has mostly behaved, and we have had a good time along the way. Yesterday I think I left my wallet in the Visitor’s Center in Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho. I figured it out this morning in Boise. So Tim and the kids went to Costco to get what he thinks we need for a week at Mount Hood and I sat outside searching for a phone number for Starbucks in Sun Valley. No dice. I tried Ketchum. No dice. Calling 411 provided no information. An online search for the Visitors Center provided me with a phone number: 208-726-3423 which brought me to a voice message where I was invited to leave a message (I did). I called the police department in Ketchum and spoke to a very nice officer who took my information in case the wallet turns up and then he provided me with that 208-726-423 number. I went back to the hotel we stayed in last night in Boise and double checked just in case. Not there. So I have left a message and I’m hoping someone will call me back. I did cancel the credit cards. Tim came out of the Costco and we got on the road. And now I’m in Oregon – the most Eastern part of the state which means cattle ranches and sage and scrubby terrain. I can get my American Express sent to me at Mount Hood – but I am a little worried about about my drivers license. How do I drive home – across several states- without a driver’s license? Bit of a pickle isn’t it?

 *so I wrote that Saturday in the car. I just got off the phone with Joe at Starbucks (whose phone number does exist: 208-928-7039) and they have it and will ship it to me. Yes!*

*Friday, July 6th.  My wallet arrived in Govy Camp yesterday.  With every thing in it down to the last mangled receipt.  Many thanks to Joe - at Starbucks in Ketchum, Idaho - for taking the time to find it and send it to me!*


Meg said...

Now that's Legendary Customer Service!

Cellar Door said...

I'm glad you got out of the pickle! I would be freaking out.