Friday, July 6, 2012

Slalom in the morning, Tamanawas Falls in the afternoon

Yesterday I finally made it out to Timberline.  Tim skied the first day, we were rained out the second, and on July 4th I told him to go because I knew he'd stay home and work.  So Yesterday was my first day.

The landscape is surreal.  Beautiful.  I spent each lift ride wishing I had my camera, or better yet a box of paints.  Really a wonderful landscape.

It is amazing to be up there skiing in July.  The morning begins at 6:30 so I'm guessing we arrive at Timberline by 7.  It is kind of cold and windy.  By the time we were up I was grateful for all my layers.  But by 10 AM everybody is stripping down.  The sun really warms you up.  Yesterday the coaches called practice at 11.  Just a little early, but they were watching the team who looked tired and they've been coaching for a long time.  They don't want any injuries.

The team was working Slalom Gates.  I've never run Slalom before and it was really fun.  The coaches kept laughing at me.  "She's smiling" which was true, I'd finish a run and be all smiles. Coach Chris told me I had beautiful "pole touches" I don't know what that means but I'm going to credit Austrian ski school from 6th and 7th grade. {yes, I got to ski in Austria as a kid.  And learn from retired World Cup skiers. One of the benefits of a Military Brat Up-bringing.}  I actually did get my time on my fourth run, 38.8.  K is running a 32 something, Tiger a 32 something, and Dragon a 34 something, so I'm going with: I am slow but not embarrassing.  It is important not to be embarrassing because Tim brags to everybody about what a great skier I am and I'm not.  I get out there, I have fun, but I'm not all that so I try not to look too bad.

So after my fourth run I asked Coach Chris and Coach Robert for one thing to think about next time I run Slalom.  Robert told me he wants to see my edges way on edge and my body way to the side. Haha! Yes sir, and I want to be 20 years younger.  So at the end of the day I tried it, the coaches weren't there, I think they were on the lift because it was time to pull gates and call it a day, I made 3 gates, caught the 4th whipped around and felt my right ankle pop in my boot.  Crud.  That is the ankle I hurt last January.  My bindings worked fine though and my boot popped out of my ski.  So I got it back on and finished the course.  So much for widening my stance and using endges!

Every afternoon there is an excursion and so after lunch we loaded up and drove to a trailhead for the Tamanawas Falls.  My family was a little tired and disorganized and so we arrived and kids dispersed and we really were not sure who was where and all of a sudden Tim asks me, "where is MLyons?  Where is Dragon?" and I don't know.  We figure Dragon has taken off at the front of the group but nobody can remember seeing MLyons - so I hike back to the parking area.  No M.  I talk to a woman who was sitting at a picnic table when we arrived and she assures me there were no stragglers from our group.  I return to the trail and about 5 minutes in K finds me.  M is way up front with one of the coaches.  Yeesh.

The walk is beautiful.  For much of the walk you are along side rushing water that is cascading over rocks- you hear the water almost all of the hike and there are wild flowers and pine trees.  It is beautiful.  I kept saying to K, "can you smell the pine?" it is very faint, and lovely.  Her head is all stuffy so she couldn't.  When we arrive at the falls the team is already up on the rocks and making their way back down.
 M was frightened by the decent so I helped her out a bit, and then we hiked back out.  Loaded the team back up into the vans and went out to Hood River (I think that is the name of a town) to the park and had a picnic with the team.

always hike with snacks!

It was 9 PM when we returned to the condo.  I was exhausted!

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HoodPhoto said...

Great shot of Tamanawas! I love that hike, but reached it in the most light part of the day, so my photos were not as nice as this one!