Saturday, August 25, 2012

Deer encounter

Deer along the path, out for a walk, saw 1 large doe, 2 smaller ones, and 2 babies, snapshot with iphone
along Mounts Bay Rd walking path

Look closely, there is a doe watching me, she is along the path (left in the photo) and there is a baby barely seen to her right behind the clump of dark tree trunks.  Then keep coming right and you'll see another doe and just behind her is another baby.

There was a break in the rain and thunder today so the dog and I went out for a short walk.  We came upon this group of five.  I was talking to them and moving slowly because to the left of the path, literally 3 feet left, is the road.  And it was busy.  So I didn't want to startle the deer that way.  The doe just sort of stared me down for several minutes, all the while the dog and I are inching left keeping ourselves between the cars and the deer.  Finally she turned and led her little band back through the small revine to the river.


Michelle said...

What a beauty! I always love seeing them around our farm.

JJ said...

Great shot. I love Nature. It's perfect.

FoxyMoron said...

How lovely!