Friday, August 24, 2012

Potty Time!

if ever you've been involved in teaching a child to use a toilet you know what an "adventure" that can be.

Little Hawk is currently potty training.  He'll be three years old at the end of September so, you know, it's about time.

When we returned home from our marathon road trip last month his bum was sporting some diaper rash from the long car ride so it seemed the perfect time to get out the potty.

I tend to let them run about bare for a week to get the connection between the urge to go, and going.  It has worked well in the past.  Little Hawk made that connection right away and within two days was very consistently putting everything in his little potty.  So around day 4 I put his training pants on.  His little bum was covered, he seemed to think it was a new kind of diaper and used it accordingly.  Hmmm.  It has been about 4 weeks.  If he is bare, all goes well, if he is covered he uses his covering like a diaper.  I'm starting to get a little concerned.

I know some of you may be shrugging, what is the big deal about the bare bum?  Well, for one thing he has school aged siblings who have friends.  And some of these friends do not have younger siblings and are a little startled by the little boy running about.  Add to the mix that Little Hawk, like just about any male I've ever encountered, finds his little penis intriguing and tends to run about with one hand firmly holding on to his favorite body part.  We actually had a conversation at dinner one night when his 7 year old sister was bothered that Little Hawk was eating with one hand, but the other was, well you guessed it. But the kicker was yesterday when I found him trying to use his penis to dial the phone.

yep - it is time to tuck that thing away into a nice pair of big boy pants.

And so my friends, I'm wondering, do you have any tips for making the jump from bare bum to pants whilst using the potty?  I'm out of ideas.


Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

This made me chuckle I am yet to start on the venture of potty training and my little man is such a fighter when it comes to change. I am dreading it but I guess different things work for different people, carry on with your ideas I wish you all the luck. Next year I will be in contact to ask you for advice. Tracy x

Heather O. said...

I'm sure you know more than most, having potty trained 5 kids before this. I will tell you, though, that in our potty training days, Jacob would use his favorite body part as a gun. Yeah, that's when we decided to put on some big boy pants, too....

CailinMarie said...

Heather that cracked me up!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

With my 3 boys, I just went straight to underwear. Eventually once they had enough accidents they figured it out.