Monday, August 13, 2012

teen bedroom make-over cont.

(before photos are the previous post)
so... I got started.  Here is a peak

again, I'm taking photos with my phone because my camera is out of commission just now (very inconvenient) and here I'm having difficulty because of the window... I actually took several pictures but they are all very dark.

In any event, the room is no longer pink- it is "Likeable Sand" by Sherwin Williams (SW 6058) and I LOVE it!

But I have to tell you:

My husband *hates it* when I paint.  I haven't painted in years.  But with the never ending yard project going on, and school starting in 3 weeks and us on vacation again in 2 weeks, when is this going to happen? And he said, over and over again, "I will not paint that room again" after he painted it pink.  So I went ahead.  I got it started on Wednesday, and had it almost finished Friday (needed to touch up an area) but I told him Friday seeing as the weekend was coming up I didn't want him to walk in and get a nasty shock.

Oh my.

You would have thought I'd wrecked the car.
The carrying on. and on. and on.

So a man's coming on Thursday to "fix it" ! really.  And I've been given a list of suggested yard projects to keep me out of trouble.



Michelle said...

Surely it isn't that bad!

Di Lewis said...

Hi! Your husband reacts just like mine about painting..Walls + Paint=Control Issues!! lol Do you have to keep hearing about it long after...sigh. oh well that wont stop us now will it! Bwahaha Dianna (Sunny109)

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