Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Boy

Today I am going to the veterinarian at 3 pm with "Big Boy" he was inherited from school when a teacher retired.  We think he is 11 or 12 years old.
He saw the vet this summer.  He is loosing weight, lethargic, not eating.
We tried some interventions, changing lights, deworming, some antibiotics, some puppy food for the weight, aggressive soaking.  He still isn't eating on his own.  And even though my daughter optimistically hopes that his stools show he is improving, actually they are the puppy food coming back out pretty much the way it went in.
So today, I expect to discuss options with the vet.  Come home, get my 14 yr old from field hockey, and discuss options with her.  And then tomorrow, take him in to say goodbye.  I thought the hardest thing I'd ever done was take my tail wagging oh so happy labrador in when he couldn't get himself outside to use the bathroom anymore.  But helping my daughter make the best decision for her lizard may be even harder.  It is going to be a very hard day.

about a year ago, modeling for a contest

This lizard convinced me that animals didn't have to have fur for me to like them.  In the morning when I came into the kitchen and turned on the lights, he would come to the side of his terrarium and "wave" at me and say hello.  He also knew how to get my attention if he was hungry, or simply wanted to get out and about and go hang out on the back porch.  He was easy to carry on our shoulders and if he was cold he'd bring his head up next to your neck and absorb your warmth.  I would never have described a reptile as snuggly but he almost was.  He was a wonderful animal.  I'm going to miss him.


Michelle said...

So sorry for your family. Losing a pet is always painful. said...

Such a sweet creature and a blessing to have shared your home with you and your family. Hugs to you all! XOXO, Cindy