Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chasing my tail in circles...

back to school with an IEP - it seems to take forever!  School has been in session for 4 weeks and I'm still tracking down case managers, having meetings, talking to teachers...

Tiger got squared away within the first two weeks of school.  His case manager at Berkeley Middle School was on it- sent home a letter which Tiger kept in his bag for several days (is he the only kid that stinks at facilitating parent/teacher communication? just email me!)- and we had a meeting to go over his IEP and make some changes.  It helped that Tiger told his English teacher "I have an IEP and you can't grade my spelling on a test" which isn't entirely true, it was a vocabulary test and Tiger is expected to spell his vocabulary words correctly.  But the statement prompted his English teacher to contact both Tiger's dad, and the case manager, and helped us get things squared away.

K is in her first year at Jamestown High School and there things got muddy.  Her teachers seem to have been aware of her IEP but it apparently states that she gets extra time on tests.  So graded classwork - which she wasn't finishing - was a problem.  Latin 3 moves a quite a clip and there are at least 2 graded in class quizes/assignments a week and K was pulling F's as they weren't finished.  I talked to the counselor Monday, the case manager Tuesday, K spoke to the case manager Tuesday and her teacher Wednesday and then the case manager followed up.  But it is week 4 into a 9 week marking period.  Even if she pulls 100s on every subsequent assignment As to equal number of Fs average out to a C.  Which isn't a true reflection of what she knows.  As she stays up until 11 pm regularly doing homework, it isn't a true reflection of her effort either.

And we have Bitsy.  Who seems to have gotten lost in the system!  Bitsy receiver her IEP while in preschool and it should follow her to elementary school.  I know in the past that I don't hear about extra stuff like band or gifted programs until October so maybe her services wouldn't start til then either?  So I waited to call.  I called and spoke to the Vice Principal who was beside herself.  No, she said, Bitsy should have begun to receive services the second week of school until the week before the last week of school.  She wants to know who dropped the ball.  But in the meantime, she assured me, Bitsy will begin services IMMEDIATELY and she will make sure she gets make up time for the 4 weeks she missed.  You go Ms. Thompson!

I asked another mom whose kids have IEPs if she feels like it takes until the 3rd week in October to get all the "back to school stuff" squared away.  She rolled her eyes and said, "people have no idea!"

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Penelope W said...

IEPs yuk! We aren't there yet but will be in the future. But by that time it will probably be something else.