Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's only Wednesday

Sunday we were at Busch Gardens with our friends.  Around noon my husband found me in Dragon Land with the littles, gave us all kisses good bye and left to catch a flight to Las Vegas NV for a trade show.

Monday Little Hawk's cough had started to sound particularly rough and around noon he fell asleep while I was on the phone talking to the early intervention specialist about his speech delay.  A little while later he woke up for the bathroom and then of his own accord went back to bed.  My son has never done this in the 18 months I've known him.  I went to check on him and he was hot to the touch so I gave him a dose of Motrin and thought little of it.  K had a field hockey game after school so the younger ones piled into the car with us and we picked up her teammate Anna and dropped them off at the field.  We arrived home around 5 and I put a groggy Little Hawk on the couch and turned on the oven to make potatoes.  Shortly there after I looked over at Little Hawk and his arms was jerking, not wildly but something was odd.  I went to check on him and his lips were turning purple, his arms and legs were jerking, his mouth was foaming and he was making an odd clicking sound.  I asked MLyons to bring me my cell phone and I dialed 911.
The cell phone says the call lasted 6 minutes.  It felt like lifetimes.  Medics arrived- Tiger was in the kitchen with the dogs.  Dragon, MLyons and Bitsy were all kind of flitting about.  I was holding Little Hawk.  I laid him down on the couch and the medics got straight to work while asking me questions.
I cannot say enough about the James City County 1st responders.
They were wonderful.  They were calm, knowledgeable and took control of the situation immediately.
Once they set to work on Little Hawk I started dialing numbers in between answering questions.  I tried my mother.  I tried my mother-in-law.  No answer.  The medic who seemed to be in charge of managing me let me know that we would be going to the hospital.  Did I want to put all the kids in the minivan and follow them? {Can you imagine Bitsy in the ER? Flitting about like a princess - absolutely positive it was all about her?- or MLyons who can't go to a sibling doctor appointment without having her nose right up in their business the whole time? Dear God no.  Let me try one more number.}  My friend Laura answered her phone.  She'd seen the emergency vehicles as we live on the same street.  "What happened?" I answered with "I have to go in the ambulance with Little Hawk.  Can you stay with the other kids?"  And she responded with "I am on my way."
I have never ridden in an ambulance before.  As they were strapping Little Hawk in and trying to start an IV (they weren't able to) the medic who was in charge of mom management said "so you have 5 kids and you've never been in an ambulance before?"
"six." I corrected.  "and no."
He smiled.  "well I have 3 and we've ridden in this thing plenty of times.  You are doing pretty good."
If I wasn't so wound up I would have instantly developed a crush on this guy.

Little Hawk started coming to in the ambulance.  He started fussing and then fighting the restraints and honestly I have never been so happy to see him upset.  I figured if he had enough energy to be pissed he was going to be fine.

Once there the medic carried Little Hawk to his hospital bed and the nurse BreAnn got us checked in quickly and started an IV, took some blood, ordered some tests and ordered a Tylenol suppository as Little Hawk was running out of steam and falling back asleep.  In the course of discussion I learned you can buy Tylenol suppositories over the counter.  WHAT!?!  If only I'd known.  I used to literally sit on Dragon and force his mouth open to administer any kind of drug to him.  But I digress.

After a chest x-ray, a flu swab, a strep swab, an RSV swab, we were waiting on urine.  But Little Hawk wasn't giving us anything.  So around 11 they discharged us.

By this time the Tylenol and fluids had kicked in and Little Hawk was looking almost normal.
photo43, Little Hawk in the hospital after a febrile seizure, this is several hours after being in the hospital
about 3 1/2 hours after arriving in the ER

Tuesday was sort of a blur.  My oldest was still awake when we arrived home from the ER close to midnight.  She was trying to finish Latin homework and had a test the next day in Geometry...  I finally got her to bed and told her she was sleeping in the next day.  Cassi, a family friend, drove all the kids into school Tuesday morning, they were about an hour late, but they needed the sleep!  Sometime around noon I went upstairs and realized Sparky, the lizard, was dead.  He'd been sick a lot lately and kept flipping over on his back unable to flip back over.  He was on his back, under his carpet, on top of his heating pad.  I think he may have gotten too hot.  When K arrived home after Field Hockey practice I made her aware of it.  I think we are all so tired and emotionally drained that it is a little hard to get into our heads.  Before bedtime my sweet girl removes Sparky from his terrarium, wraps him in paper and puts him in the outside freezer until we can lay him to rest properly.

Also on Tuesday my friend Mara stopped by to see if I needed her to sit with Little Hawk so I could get a shower, but Cassi had beat her to it.  And later my friend Heather came over with dinner, which was awesome because I was crashing.  I am grateful for my friends.

Wednesday I over sleep and so does K.  At 6:40 I wake up the entire house, get them all dressed and load them all up to take K to the High School.  School starts at 7:15 AM, we got her there by 7:40.  The elementary school bus stop is at 7:45 so we'd missed that too but we drove to another stop on the route and hung out with friends there.  I was home by 8:10.  Tiger catches the Junior High bus at 7:30 and I left him home and told him to kennel Molly when he left.  Yeah.  So much for that.  Molly pulled out toilet paper and chewed on it and unrolled it, she found yarn and dragged that around, she found a box of sandwich bags and pulled them all out and left them all over the hall and kitchen and the icing on the cake, she has figured out that she can stand on her back legs with her front legs in the toilet bowl and splash water all over the place.  This is what I came home to.  It did cross my mind to drive on over to the Junior High and pull Tiger out of class and bring him home to clean up this mess.  But I refrained.
Around 12:30 I receive a phone call from the Elementary School.  MLyons has fallen off the outside monkey bars and hurt her elbow.  The nurse thinks she may need an xray.
Cassi has again stopped by so I dispatch her to fetch MLyons and I get myself and Little Hawk ready to go to the doctor.

photo44, MLyons - the school nurse wrapped her up in a splint after she fell off the bars at school
the nurse has her in a splint

Little Hawk is scheduled to see his regular doctor for a follow up after Monday's hoopla, so I take MLyons to the orthopedics office and send Cassi to the pediatrician with Little Hawk.  The xrays show no broken bones but there is fluid which makes the PA suspicious.  He wants her elbow immobilized for 2 weeks and suggests a splint or a cast.  I choose the cast.

photo45, neon yellow!
bright yellow!

So we left the orthopedic office and went to the pediatrician to meet Little Hawk and Cassi.  Here Little Hawk is diagnosed with Hand Foot Mouth disease as well as an ear infection.  Yay.  He is prescribed amoxiciallan.  When we stop by CVS they have not received it yet and cannot find the prescription in their system.  I give them our information.  When I arrive home I see a voicemail from CVS asking me to call them about the prescription.  I call.  I am told they cannot find it.  I explain that they called me.  I am told again they cannot find it.  Now I'm getting a little short- I explain that my pediatrician sent it via his computer while I was in his office about an hour ago, that I stopped by and physically spoke to someone and gave them my information, and that I am returning a phone call from this number. Now she gets short with me, but finally hands me off to someone else.  We start all over.  And finally she finds the prescription and says it will be ready in 15 minutes.  When I arrive they want the insurance information again.  And when she receives the error again she calls in for help and hears a message asking her to try again after 11 pm.  Hmmm.  The pharmacist hangs up and says "this is Anthem's problem not ours and not yours.  I am going to give you 1/2 of the prescription so you can get your little boy started.  We will try again in the morning.  Call us before you come out so you don't have to wait." Wow.
By this time it is almost 7 p.m.  I warm up Vans waffles and Morning Star veggie sausages for dinner.  Put the gang to bed at 8.  Bitsy is upstairs playing doll house and not in her pjs when I come to tuck them in.  She gets sent to the basement for a little while.  Then I send her back upstairs to try again.  I hear her banging.  She is repeatedly throwing herself against the bed.  Seriously?  5 minutes later Tiger comes downstairs.  "Mom, Little Hawk is licking me."  Since last week Little Hawk bit him, and broke skin, I understand that Tiger is jumpy and besides, licking is just gross.  Currently Little Hawk is banished to my bedroom screaming his head off.

I think it is time to hit the liquor cabinet.

I hope the trade show is going well.
I hope they sell a lot.
I hope Friday at 5 pm, when my husband is supposed to land back in Virginia, comes really soon.


delia hornbook said...

OMG you poor thing i am sorry to read of your horrible week and the poor children to. My heart goes out to you all. I hope everything setttles down soon for you. Big hugs dee xx

JJ said...

Bored, huh? God bless ya!