Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making a "Fairy Skirt" or making a tutu

MLyons wants to be a purple fairy for Halloween.  She had a bunch of other ideas but came back to this one.  I decided that I could probably make something...

so I went to Hancock Fabrics and bought tulle

and I came home and made a pattern

paper bag pattern

To make a circle skirt pattern I simply considered what I needed the circumference to be based on my daughter's waist (I should have based it on her hips) and cut a string to half that length (the radius if you remember your geometry) allowing and extra inch, and then tied the string to a pencil and drew 1/4 of a circle with the end of the string in the corner of a 90 degree angle.  Which means, pick a corner of your paper, put the end of the string not attached to the pencil in the corner, and then draw an arch with the pencil at the end of the string.  Then you measure out from the waist line to create the other side of the skirt pattern.  I've made it sound much more complicated than it is.

I cut out three layers of tulle.  One in dark purple, one in lavender, and one white one with glittery dots all over it.  Sewed the ends together to create a circle and then did a loose gathering stitch along the top edge.
If you need help with gathering check out a tutorial, here is one to get you started:

At this point I decided I was going to need a liner, because tulle against the legs is itchy and because it was so transparent the colors were not showing properly.


This is a dress my mother made for one of my sister's to wear in the High School Musical, I think the sister was a chorus girl in "West Side Story."  At any rate, my sister wore it some 20 years ago and it has been a "play dress up" dress ever since.  As my mother has 4 granddaughters and three of them live in my house the dress ended up here.  I didn't think it would be missed and the color was perfect.  So I cut off the bodice and cut out the zipper and used the skirt straight off the dress.

I'm doing this sort in an "as I go" manner so now I'm thinking about a waist.  I had intended to cut a 3 inch strip of fabric, fold it over, and have a 1 inch tube through which to pull elastic.  I went to the fabric store but didn't see a fabric that would work for my purposes and budget.  So I cut into the bodice of the dress.  In the end, the waist is tight along my daughters upper leg/ hips and sits low on her hips once on, so I ended up not threaded any elastic through.

finished skirt

I purposefully cut the tulle and lining to different lengths as I really like that look.  To add the ribbon I first sewed the unfolded waist to the skirt top.  Then I hand sewed the ribbon in place.  Then I folded the waist and hand sewed it to the inside of the skirt.  Again, if you aren't used to sewing like this you may want to look up a tutorial on elastic waists.  

I think details make all the difference

Once the waist was in place I hand stitched these little decorative flowers to the top of the ribbon.

ready for ballet

The week before Halloween, Miss Adelle at Virginia Regional Ballet allows her students to wear their costumes to dance class.
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