Friday, October 19, 2012

Reading Blanket - quick and easy

On Tuesday, in between Monday and Little Hawk's hospital visit and Wednesday and breaking her arm, MLyons worked a quick project in after ballet.

Her sister has been working on a quilt and MLyons wanted to do a "sewing project."  I took her to the store a week ago to pick out some fat quarters but while I was there I noticed the fleece was on a really good sale (actually all of Hancock Fabrics seems to be on a really good sale right now) and I picked some up.

cutting it in 1/2 to make 2 blankets
photo49, a fleece reading blanket is a quick easy craft, but one that she'll actually use
adding fringe
voila! reading blanket!

It really bothers me when we make crafts just to be busy but they end up getting thrown out, so when I can think of something to do that will get used I get really excited.  MLyons is 7 and I supervised her using the sewing scissors but this is something she can do on her own.

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nice blanket. would love to have one. I like the color very much!

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