Monday, November 12, 2012

Faith & Mothering

(this post is a little outside of my comfort zone.  However, I feel compelled to share.)

This has been rolling around my head and on my heart-

Last Spring I participated in a Bible Study at a local community chapel.  It wasn't my favorite Bible study - but in the study the author asks "why is it so hard for Godly women to trust their children to God?"  The author, a woman, did not have kids at the time of the writing of the study.  This question caught my attention, because it is true, we (women of faith) do well enough muddling through until it comes to our children.  And then we act as if we - in all our mommy-ness - are the final authority when it comes to our kids.  That we have veto power on "the great plan" or whatever it is.  And then we find ourselves fearful, lacking in faith or for some of us, we fight to the point that we even fight God.  Why is this?

My first, gut, response was "because we want what is best for them."

Okay, but so does God. (if you believe in God as God the Father in infinite wisdom, you are likely to at least say you believe that God wants the best for you and for your kids.)

So what then?

We might answer, "Because we don't want it to be too hard."
Ah-hah!  Because we know that just because God called us to a task does not mean He promised to make the task easy right?  And while we may not insist that it be easy for our kids, we do not want it to be too hard for them either.  The whole, mom-monster thing gets in the way.

But who are we to decide what is too hard?  Who are we to know what builds character and what breaks it down?  But this is my child.  I'm the mother. I know.  Except for when I don't.

I do not think of myself as a particularly spiritual person.  I do not think of myself as a churchy person.  I certainly do not think of myself as anyone who should be offering any kind of "how to" when it comes to parenting.  But I am compelled to share this.

If "God" is too much for you - then substitute "Good Energy" or something.  It still works.  Life is Good, even when it isn't easy.

photo96, sketch, ink on paper, my oldest 3 watching t.v.
kids on the couch, ink on paper, 2005

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JJ said...

I am far from "churchy," and not at all "religious." However, I do consider myself very spiritual. You will notice that in all my posts, when I spell "Nature," it is always capitalized. I wonder why that is?